Xing Huo
Xing Huo by CLAMP
Series: Tsubasa
English Name: Xing Huo
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Other names: Sometimes translated as Shinfuo or Ling Xuo
Relations: "Failed creation" of Fei Wong Reed
Residence: Fei Wong Reed's Hiding Place
Current status: Deceased
Powers: Ability to lead another person to a dimension of choice (only one time)
First Appearance: Tsubasa, Chapter 001
Last appearance: Tsubasa, Chapter 120
English voice actor: Laura Bailey
Japanese voice actor: Sanae Kobayashi
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Xing Huo is a secondary character in Tsubasa, shown as Fei Wong Reed's assisant. She is one of the few characters in the series not to be a crossover from another work of CLAMP.


Xing Huo's true nature is shrouded in mystery. Only one sentence uttered by Fei Wong Reed after her death, refering to her as "another failed creation," may give birth to some theories. Being a yumemi, Fei Wong seems to have known all along that Xing Huo would eventually betray him, helping the real Syaoran, an action which did not surprise him in the least, "knowing what [she] is made of." The most common theory indicates that Xing Huo's creation may predate Fei Wong's interest in Sakura's powers, and that the purpose of the experiment was to create a body with magic powers and a soul, only responding to Fei Wong's will - which would have made his plan much easier to put into action. Yuko mentionned that "they too are but dust of unfulfilled dreams" learning that Xinh Huo had betrayed her master, suggesting that she may have the same status as the other young women seen alongside Fei Wong and serving him.

Introduced in the very first chapter of the manga, and seen almost everytime Fei Wong was shown in his hiding place, Xing Huo is however completely passive until her betrayal during the Tokyo Arc. She talks to Fei Wong about the evolution of his plan in an unexpressive tone, and seems to be considered as his servant and loyal assistant. She holds a great interest, however, for the original Syaoran, kept prisonner in a tube, and comments on his progress. Various illustrations feature her with another minion, Kyle Rondart, suggesting they may have the same nature. She doesn't seem to have had a global picture of the master plan at hand, Fei Wong telling her only what he needed her to know ; however she was able to guess some details, such as the fact that the real Syaoran would want to find his right eye.

As soon as the real Syaoran manages to escape from his magic prison, Xing Huo comments that "[they] weren't able to break the seal after all." She offers to transport him at Yuko's place, which she can only do once. He gladfully accepts, although he asks why she would see appropriate to help him. She responds that "the dream has to come to an end," reflecting earlier comments on her master's plan ("why won't men ever stop ? The master tries to render possible what isn't.") lampshaded by Yuko's affirmation that his actions would necessarily fail in the end. It is therefore implied that Xing Huo sacrificied herself because she was convinced Fei Wong's plans would be for naughts in the end, and had no interest heling him anymore ; she helped Syaoran in the hope that he would prevent an uneccessary bloodshed, seeing that Fei Wong explicitly said in front of her that he would kill as many people necessary to accomplish his goals.

Her death scene has become famous for its brevity ; Fei Wong is seen talking to her from afar with a grave look, saying he knew from the start she was bound to outsmart him. He then admits that "[she] can't hear [him] anymore however," the next image revealing Xing Huo's dead body, covered in blood and impaled to the wall by his sword. She curiously met an end quite similar to Kurogane's mother's and Kuyo's from Rg Veda.


Xing Huo has black, long, extremely bushy and curled hair, and black eyes. Her dress may be an homage to the outfit worn by Freya in Chobits ; it incorporates various uses of Fei Wong's bat-like symbol, wich is also the shape of her hairbrush, worn up her left ear.

As an "image", Xing Huo would seem to be made after another's likeness.  This could be Himawari of XxxHolic, who greatly resembles Xing Huo physically.

Anime IncarnationEdit

She was voiced by Sanae Kobayashi in all of her appearances (TV Series and the OAV Tokyo Revalations). In English, she was voiced by Laura Bailey.

Her character was seen as a bit more active during the filler arcs integral to the TV series' plot. She was sent by Fei Wong in Chaos's country to lead his soldiers and act as his informer. The penultimate episode of the first season ends with her revealing wth an hint of malice : "it looks like it'll be my turn to act pretty soon" ; the following episode showed her giving a mischievous glance at Syaoran while Fei Wong was not looking at her, lampshading her future betrayal.