Hello to both new and old faces. For those who don't know, I am RozenHeart, one of the admins on the site. But please just call me Rose, okay? I mainly am writing this to apologize firstly for my sudden disappearance around 2012 and then secondly, and most importantly, for my sudden reappearance now.

In 2011, I started becoming one of the large forces of this Wiki. Actually I was close to the only contributor until Prisia, one of the other admins, showed up. So I petitioned and gained the admin rites to the wiki and me and Prisia started dolling it up. That was about 3 years ago and I am sorry about my absence. I mean, I started working on this as some way to kill time during highschool when I got to use my computer, but then the staff blocked all Wikia sites and my work just halted. I don't know where the other admins went, and I don't intend to butt in like some overlord.

I actually would rather just stay to the sides and just do some handy-man stuff for things like infoboxes and the CSS code to polish it up. If you want to contact me about any questions you have or just wanna talk my message wall and inbox is open.

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