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  • RozenHeart

    I've Been Gone a While

    September 28, 2015 by RozenHeart

    Hello to both new and old faces. For those who don't know, I am RozenHeart, one of the admins on the site. But please just call me Rose, okay? I mainly am writing this to apologize firstly for my sudden disappearance around 2012 and then secondly, and most importantly, for my sudden reappearance now.

    In 2011, I started becoming one of the large forces of this Wiki. Actually I was close to the only contributor until Prisia, one of the other admins, showed up. So I petitioned and gained the admin rites to the wiki and me and Prisia started dolling it up. That was about 3 years ago and I am sorry about my absence. I mean, I started working on this as some way to kill time during highschool when I got to use my computer, but then the staff bloc…

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  • RozenHeart

    Ask if in need of Help!

    January 13, 2012 by RozenHeart

    Hello contributors of the CLAMP wiki~

    I am RozenHeart, one of your CLAMP Wiki admins! Just letting you know that if you need any help, I will from now on be available on the Wiki Chat from 4-9 pm EST. I might leave suddenly due to family and to aquire sustenance (food), but will be back shortly.

    So fire away~! :)

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  • RozenHeart

    divide and conquer???

    March 28, 2011 by RozenHeart

    I have an idea that could make editing the wiki more efficient. If people are in a specific 'Project' (i.e. Project Kobato, Project Characters, ect.) then if there are pages that are missing, a person from the related project could edit them. And if no one knows what is in need of editing, they could see a projects 'To Do' list and cross somethings out. Yes I got this idea from Bulbapedia, put it seems to work very well.

    ...And I'm probably posting this for no one to read....

    Well, if you are reading this and have something to say... comment or whatever...

    RozenHeart 14:35, March 28, 2011 (UTC)

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