When I was in puberty I discovered Anime and boy did it changed my perspective to a 90 degree angle. I loved animes and after a few days of researching I discovered Manga—the world surprises us with many splendors be it little or big. After much of exploration of Mangas and Animes I got an idea of creating one. I wasn’t at all good in drawing then but I had the passion. I created anime characters and sorts until it became, somewhat, my hobby. There rose a blue moon on my starless sky: I wanted to create a manga of my own. I’ve made some short stories and made it into a manga. Back then I wouldn’t tell anyone of my hobby or my talent. By now, I have finished about a few mangas and improved quite well in my sketching and I consider my mangas as “shoujo” mangas since all of the main characters are girls.

Coming back to the present and to the part where I want you, my dear reader, to focus your attention. I learned from my friend, who also loves animes, CLAMP, and she also is a big fan. When I researched CLAMP I discovered that they were the ones who created my favorite animes: XxxHolic and Card Captor Sakura and also Tsubasa Chronicles. Discovering CLAMP I have learned that all of their stories cross plots. Since I draw mangas, I had the stroke of an idea to make a chronicles of all of my finished and planned mangas. I have already plotted some of the stories of my manga that I plan to make a chronicles and drew my characters for my upcoming chronicles.

By present, I have created these mangas: Sakura DAY, Forget me not, Your Guardian Angel, Dark Oracle and The Guardians and also Moonlit Candle. These mangas are only some of the mangas I have finishes except Moonlit Candle. I want to share my mangas to you all but unfortunately I have no scanner.

From this blog of mine you can comment or just read it as a random blog you pass by daily. To tell you the truth, my dear reader, this is my first blog and sharing things for me, such as my hobbies, is somewhat still awkward in the feeling like “Oh, I hope I didn’t sound so pompous” or ”what if no one reads it, what a waste of effort” .

I hope you, my dearest reader, have at least appreciated what I have shared to you. If I have the chance to scan the drawings I have made then I would be delighted to share it all with you. Thank you and Goodnight.

-IVA 15:37, October 2, 2010 (UTC)¤

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