• IVA

    Mangaka Newbie!

    October 2, 2010 by IVA

    When I was in puberty I discovered Anime and boy did it changed my perspective to a 90 degree angle. I loved animes and after a few days of researching I discovered Manga—the world surprises us with many splendors be it little or big. After much of exploration of Mangas and Animes I got an idea of creating one. I wasn’t at all good in drawing then but I had the passion. I created anime characters and sorts until it became, somewhat, my hobby. There rose a blue moon on my starless sky: I wanted to create a manga of my own. I’ve made some short stories and made it into a manga. Back then I wouldn’t tell anyone of my hobby or my talent. By now, I have finished about a few mangas and improved quite well in my sketching and I consider my mangas…

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