Tsubasa Li
Tsubasa Li
Series: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
English Name: NA
Gender: Male
Age: Mentally 21, physically 14
Birthday: April 1
Other names: 'Syaoran', Real Syaoran, Brat
Relations: Sakura Li (mother)
Syaoran Li (Father, Clone)
Clow Reed (distant relative)
Kimihiro Watanuki (other self)
Residence: Japan, Clow Country
Current status: Alive
Powers: Highly skilled martial artist

Expert archeologist Skilled Swordsman Excellent use of magic, spells, barriers, and detection

First Appearance: TRC Chapter 13 (Manga)

TRC Episode 1 (Anime)

Last appearance: TRC Chapter 233 (Manga)

Tsubasa Shunraiki - Episode 2 (OVA)

English voice actor: Jason Liebrecht
Japanese voice actor: Miyu Irino
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

"Syaoran" (小狼), is the Main Protagonist in CLAMP's fictional, Crossover Manga Series Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and its Subsequent anime, Tsubasa Chronicle. His Characterization here is mostly Independent of his Characterization in Cardcaptor Sakura and is discussed further below.

His birth name is "Tsubasa", meaning "Wings", and is also the true name of Princess Sakura. Since Wings Come in Pairs, this deepens the connection between the two of them. The name he takes on later in life is "Syaoran", meaning "Small Wolf" or "Little Wolf", which is also his Father's Name

Tsubasa Li is also seen in the xxxHolic Manga and xxxHolic: Shunmuki.


In Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, although imprisoned, Tsubasa has been watching Syaoran's journey through the right eye that Tsubasa placed within his clone, and so when the time comes to break free of Fei Wong Reed, Tsubasa begins fighting for the sake of the Princess, as well as 'Other' Self and his Parents...

The Original Syaoran appears as a tattooed figure floating in a tank in Fei Wong's Headquarters (who, instead of being blind in his right eye, was blind in his left Due to him Ripping it out and putting it in the Clone's right eye). He was Kidnapped and held Captive By Fei Wong so that he Could Make a Clone of 'Syaoran Li.' Because 'Syaoran' Knew of Fei Wong's Intentions, he was Sealed in a Chamber while The Clone is sent to Clow Country Without any Memories. He Remains in this tube for Roughly 120 Chapters, until he Regains his Power and escapes. With the assistance of Xing Huo, he is Sent to Yūko (he can be seen Making a Cameo appearance in Volume 9 of xxxHolic). It is then Revealed that he is the Original Syaoran and was Captured and Cloned by Fei Wong.


Tsubasa has Short Dark Brown hair, and Dark Brown eyes, and in addition has a slight tanned look to his skin. When first Introduced, he is wearing a Simple Black Outfit and an eye Patch Over his left eye. He also has red rune like markings on his arms that act to Seal him. When the Seal Breaks, the Markings Disappear.


Syaoran is a kind-hearted and driven young man, whom one of his greatest traits is staying true to his words. He will stop at nothing in order to protect "those dearest to him". Syaoran's dedication to collecting Sakura's feathers after the clone Syaoran never wavered, even when in a twisted situation his strong heart and fierce determination assured he never looked back. It is apparent that Syaoran loves Sakura romantically, although just like his father, he has a tendency to undermine his worthiness, leading him to avoid the thought of being in that sort of relationship with a princess when he himself is just a commoner. Unlike the clone Syaoran, who had a cruel start to his life until his adoption, the real Syaoran had a much more fruitful start to life, which shows us the true character of Syaoran when he was younger. He is shown to smile more and shows a less uptight persona although we eventually get to see some of these traits in the clone Syaoran as a result of Sakura's warm nature and friendship.

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