The Shot Card has the ability to attack a target by using lasers or its energy-like form to shoot at its target. It is one of the most dangerous cards since, if it is not sealed, it can be activated when someone says the keywords "shoot", "shot" or "aim", and the target's identity (i.e. "Shoot Syaoran", "Shot at Syaoran's heart", or "Aim at Syaoran" will all make The Shot attack Syaoran). Shot will not stop its attack until either its target is destroyed or it is forced back into its card form. The Shield can stave off its assault for a short while, since Shot has more endurance than The Shield. The true form of The Shot is that of a preteen boy with a large mass of pinkish-red hair with a yellow crest and looks exactly like how it is depicted on its card face. The Shot can also appear as a bolt of energy to attack its target. It is under The Firey.

The Shot first appears in Episode 28. Due to a new craze at thier school, Sakura and Tomoyo go to a store that sells "Enchanted Cards", cards that are supposed to help their buyer excel at a certain thing. The store were out of cooking cards, what Sakura wanted to buy, so they had to come back the next day. The next day, Sakura felt the presence of a Clow Card but it suddenly disappeared. Later, Sakura finds that the Clow Card presence was coming from a card Meiling bought thinking it was just a regular "Enchanted Card". When Sakura tried to take The Shot from Meiling, she retaliated saying it "(would) give (her) at shot at Syaoran's heart!" which accidentially activated the card. Shot sought out Syaoran and started attacking him till he was bruised all over. Sakura used The Mirror to deflect Shot's attack back at itself, severely wounding it and making it able to be sealed.

The Shot was transformed into a Sakura Card in Episode 69. It was transformed with the few remaining Clow Cards.


  • The Shot's appearance, especially its hair, is very similar to Kodou Kuraki's from the gaming franchise, B-Daman.


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