The Sand Card is able to create and manipulate sand, it can also create vortexes and traps with sand. The true form of The Sand is a woman made of sand. it is under The Earthy.

The Sand first appears in Episode 41. Sakura and Syaoran were practicing for their class play, Sleeping Beauty, when Sand attacks them. It threatened to bury the pair, but with a joint effort with The Watery, to make the sand wet, and The Freeze, to freeze the water in The Sand, they were able to subdue it. Since both had an equal part in capturing The Sand hovers between them when it came to its master. Though they both reach for it, Sakura lets Syaoran have it.

The Sand was transformed into a Sakura Card in Episode 53. It was one of the many cards in Sakura's frantic rush of transformations of the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards.


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