The Rain Card has the ability to create rain and torrential downpours over a single person/area. Rain is a mischievious card that will create a downpour over a person that tries to spoil its fun. It is the sister card to The Cloud and, possibly, The Storm Cards. The true form of Rain is a small, elvish child in a jester-like costume with raindrops hanging off its hat all in a light blue color palette. It is under The Watery.

The Rain first appears in Episode 4. Rain was in Sakura's house and awakened The Wood when it rained on its card since "water excites Wood". When Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kero reached the basement, Sakura used The Watery to subdue it.

The Rain was transformed into a Sakura in Episode 69. She transforms it along with The Cloud, The Fight, The Silent, The Shot, and The Storm.


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