The Nothing Card has the ability to make anything cease to exist, similar to The Erase Card, but not by accident. The only thing she can interact with and not make it disappear are the Clow Cards. The true form of The Nothing is a little girl with long, brown hair with wings sprouting from the back of her head in a simple dress. Her face is constantly showing sadness, as she is always lonely because of her magical ability. It has a special condition to be sealed and transformed into a Sakura Card: someone would have to lose their most important feeling. The Nothing is the only negative Clow Card in existance and was created to balance out the magical energy of the 52 positive Clow Cards, so, naturally, it also has the magical power of all 52 cards combined.

The Nothing is the main antagonist of the second movie. It awakened at the top of the clocktower in the amusement park that was built where Eriol's house used to be. Throughout the movie, it slowly stole a majority of the Clow Cards (now Sakura Cards) so that it doesn't have to be alone. When Sakura noticed her Sakura Cards were disappearing, she called Eriol, who told her the name of The Nothing and told her about its sealing requirements. He was going to tell her more, but Nothing destroyed the phone lines. The Nothing made its biggest attack during the play Sakura's class was performing for the Nadeshiko Festival where it took many people from the audience, including Sakura's father and Tomoyo's mother. Sakura and Syaoran confront Nothing at the amusement park. The Nothing says she just wanted her friends back and didn't understand why Sakura was getting in her way. Sakura told her that real friends don't bind themselves to each other and this makes the card collapses in tears and cries, saying it was sorry. When Sakura demanded the rebirth of Nothing, it chose to take Syaoran's most important feeling. The feeling most important to Syaoran was his love for Sakura, which made Sakura cry as she had yet to confess her feelings to him. Syaoran told her not to worry because he would just "fall in love with (her) all over again". Just as Nothing was about to take Syaoran's most important feeling, The Nameless Card intervened and canceled out its ability. The consequence of this was the birth of The Hope, a combination of The Nothing and The Nameless, and everything The Nothing erased was undone, including the return of Syaoran's feelings for Sakura.