The Move Card has the ability to move small, non-living objects from one location to another. Although this Clow Card is relatively weak, its speed and unpredictablitiy makes it a challenge to catch. The main body of The Move looks like a pair of pink wings sprouting out of whatever it is moving. It is under The Windy.

The Move first appears in Episode 19. It awakened and started to reside in a library that Sakura and Syaoran were using to complete their summer book report. Move decided to play a prank on the duo and started moving the book they needed all around the library and even out in the nearby park. Relying only on her underdeveloped, magical senses, Sakura is finally able to capture The Move and retrieve the book for her report.

The Move is transformed in the second episode of the OVA, Tomoyo's Video Diary. It was transformed to tantalizingly keep a lemon cake, made by The Create, from Kero.


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