The Freeze Card has the ability to freeze anything or anyone, create weapons of ice, and drop the temperature of an area to freezing point and possibly lower than that. It is very resourceful, using glaciers and pillars of ice to attack from behind. The main body of Freeze resembles a koi fish made of ice, like the one depicted on its card.

The Freeze first appears in Episode 33 where it turn the temperature of the skating rink Sakura's class was taking a fieldtrip to freezing. As well as the freezing temperature, all of Sakura's classmates (except for Syaoran, Kaho Mizuki, and herself) were frozen in magical ice. Ms. Mizuki hides, later implying she wanted Sakura and Syaoran to take care of it themselves though the real reason is left unsaid, leaving the two to fight Freeze. It swims through the ice like it was water, but is quickly overcome by Syaoran and Sakura sealed it. The Freeze originally goes to Syaoran, but in Episode 36 Sakura is shown having and controlling it. This may have been a mistake or Syaoran gave it to Sakura sometime offscreen between the two episodes.

The Freeze is transformed into a Sakura Card during Episode 60 when Eriol Hiiragizawa animated some penguins from Penguin Park. It was under Meiling's suggestion that she used The Freeze to literaly freeze the penguins so she and Syaoran could destroy them.


  • For some reason, when The Freeze is revealed for the first time, its eyes are depicted as menacing instead of the way they're depicted on the card.


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