The Firey is one of the two basic elemental Clow Cards under Cerberus. The Firey is able to summon fire, but it can sometimes backlash on the user if they are not careful. The Firey's main body looks like an angel-like teen with fire covering its lower half and making up its hair and elf-like ears. The Firey and all of the cards under it draw power from Cerberus, the sun, and Western magic by extentsion. The Firey has a mischievous personality, willingly doing what its master tells it to do, but also letting it backfire on the controller.

The Firey first appears in Episode 35 when it caused a fire in the amusement park. Sakura tried to capture it with The Windy and The Watery, but The Windy only increased Firey's flames and she was warned that Watery would also strengthen Firey. So Sakura combined both Watery and Windy to double the force and easily captures it.

Sakura transforms Firey into a Sakura Card in Episode 48 in the anime to save her friends from a cyclone. In the manga, though, she transforms Firey to save herself from drowning. Both ways, Firey is the first Clow Card to turn into a Sakura Card.