The Fight Card's ability is being able to fight with superhuman martial arts skills and grant its skill unto its owner. The main body of Fight is that of a teenage girl with blue eyes and long 'odangos' (hairbuns), wearing a blue leotard with white trimmings and thigh-high boots. It is under The Firey.

The Fight appears in Episode 20, seeking out opponents. Since Fight could only be captured by the person who defeats it in a fight, Meiling Li, a martial artist herself, challenges Fight. The card's supernatural strength and endurance outmatched Meiling, and she was defeated. The Fight then lashed out at Syaoran, delivery a swift kick and incapacitated him. Her final target was Sakura, who was out of her leaugue compared to the card. Sakura used The Power to endow her sealing wand with immense strength and attacked, but Fight avoided the initial attack. Coming from behind her, Fight lunged at Sakura with a stiff-arm blow, but in a panic, Sakura accidentially swung her sealing wand right onto Fight's head. The card was knocked out cold, having probably the most painful capture out of all the cards.

Sakura transformed The Fight into a Sakura Card along with the few remaining Clow Cards left in Episode 69.

The Fight's main body also appears in the crossover series ',Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle as part of Suzuran's troupé in Shara Country.