The Earthy Card is a major element card and the last card Sakura Kinomoto captures in both the manga and anime, and it is probably the most powerful of the cards. In accordance to the Chinese balance of the five elements, it is weak against The Wood. The Earthy is the second element under Cerberus and is The Firey's gentle counterpart. It has the power to manipulate earth and cause geological disasters, such as earthquakes and fissures. One of Earthy's visable forms is a large, serpentine dragon composed of rock, and the other is a lady in green depicted on the Clow Card.

The Earthy first appears in Episode 45 where it causes geological disasters during a festival. Sakura used The Sleep to put the townspeople to sleep so they would be in harms way and then captured The Earthy with The Wood. Since this was the last Clow Card to be captured, Cerberus was able to regain his original form, though he could still change into his 'fake' form.

Earthy's Sakura Card transformation was never shown in the anime or the manga. However, it probably happened off-screen during Episode 61 when Sakura fixed the hole Eriol caused. The Earthy was also used during this scene in Volume 9 of the manga.

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