The Arrow Card is an attack card capable of creating and firing a continuous stream of magical arrows. This card is under the jurisdiction of The Firey, which will also make her one of the 26 cards under Cerberus.

Appearance Edit

In its spirit form, The Arrow is a pink girl, wearing a bluish-purple outfit, with a pudding basin haircut, a red circle on her hair, and two long pigtails. Arrow carries a short bow.

The Arrow CCS Movie

The Arrow Card saving Sakura in the 1st CCS Movie.

When its powers are used without calling out the spirit proper, The Arrow is very similar to The Shot, where it is a volley of arrows that is formed from magic.

History Edit

It was captured during the first Cardcaptor movie's opening shot which took place sometime during Sakura's spring break.

The Arrow doesn't make a reappearance until the climax of the aforementioned movie where it saves Sakura from drowning inside a skyscraper located in Hong Kong.

Probably due to its minimal role, The Arrow is not seen outside of its initial debut. It is one of six cards whose transformation into a Sakura Card was not seen during season 3 or even mentioned.

Trivia Edit

  • According to CLAMP, the Arrow is an attack card with an aggressive temperament.
  • It is notable in that was introduced exclusively for the first Cardcaptor Sakura movie and did not appear in either the anime or the manga outside of a few hidden cameos when all the cards can be seen at once (when the float around Sakura, when Kero communicates with them, ect.). Despite this, the inclusion of this card does not exceed the number of Clow Cards viewers are told exist (52).

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