Tachibana (Gate7)
Tachibana from Gate 7
Series: Gate 7
English Name: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Other names: N/A
Relations: Sakura (Partner)
Hana (Ward)
Residence: Kyoto, Japan
Current status: Alive, Active
Powers: Materializing weapons
Able to make Circles
First Appearance: Gate 7 manga: Chapter 0 (oneshot before serialization)
Last appearance: N/A
English voice actor: N/A
Japanese voice actor: N/A
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Tachibana is a fictional character that appears in the manga Gate 7 made by the mangaka group, CLAMP. He lives with Hana, Sakura, and Chikahito Takamoto in Kyoto, Japan. He is not a morning person and attends a university.

Personality Edit

Sakura once refer to Tachibana as a modern Tsundere. To be more accurate, Tachibana is just bad at communicating. Tachibana's actions may seem cold and uncaring but for the most part, his intentions are good and well founded. He may look like he doesn't care but Tachibana is a very caring person. He worries about everyone despite having worries of his own and he doesn't refuse when asked for help.

Tachibana is not a morning person and looks angry or annoyed all the time. He enjoy drinking tea and doesn't like to eat chili.

Appearance Edit

Tachibana is a college student. He is usually seen wearing a dress shirt and jeans. Tachibana has black hair short and black eyes. He is tall, slim and cool looking. When he's angry, he's drawn with half his face fade into the shadow while his eye lights up like an Oni.

Story Edit