Satsuki Yatoji
Dragons of Earth
Series: X/1999

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles

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Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Other names: None
Relations: Unnamed father (deceased)
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Current status: Deceased (Anime)

Unknown (Manga)

Deceased (Movie)

Powers: Technopathy
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English voice actor: Karen Strassman (X/1999 TV Series)

Anne Marie Zola (X Movie)

Japanese voice actor: Houko Kuwashima (X/1999 TV Series)

Kotono Mitsuishi (X Movie)

Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Satsuki Yatōji (八頭司 颯姫 Yatōji Satsuki) is omplex and ingenious young woman with utter contempt for humans and one of Dragons of Earth.


She has a love for the digital world instead. At a young age she developed the uncanny ability to interact with computers through cables inserted into her skin, and to hack into any technological system. This led to her father sending her to a lab for further study; she amazed the scientists by mastering the Sephirot at the age of 14. However, she rebelled against the boredom she felt.

In the anime TV series, through her "friends" in the computer world, arranged for the death of her father (in a road traffic accident), along with anyone else who stood in her way. While escaping from the lab she encountered Kanoe and joined her cause, having learned from the digital world that she was one of the Dragons of Earth; later Yūto forcibly convinced the scientists to never bother her again. The story continues and we see concerned about Yuto, because of a challenge from two components of the Dragons of Heaven: Karen Kasumi and Seiichiro Aoki. Seeing his beloved life-threatening attempts to save him, but understands that from afar can not defeat their opponents and then attempts to go down by Beast: the mechanical monster, though, in a fit of jealousy towards him holds it up to kill. Yuto is shown that steps in to save her, and since then the two become a kind of friends.

In the anime TV series and movie versions, this causes the Beast to become jealous and kill her by invading and impaling her entire body with its cables.

In the manga, she kills the people in the lab (who are implied to be Freemasons), but it is unknown if complications arose from this or when and where she met Kanoe. The past of the girl is discovered later in the story: in the manga has just mentioned, in the anime is more expanded. shee was a child prodigy and why hes father used it to experiment in this way, Satsuki includes hes power and, in the end, without any fear or hesitation, exterminates anyone who did research on her and runs away.

Since she joined the Dragons of Earth only with the hope that Kamui Shirou can make it fun: Satsuki, in fact, do not care about the fate of humanity and the planet, and acting only because it is bored. It was able to also face a fellow, Kusanagi Shiyu, which strangely defends Kotori Mono from his attack. It also collide against Sorata Arisugawa, Arashi Kishu and against Yuzuriha Nekoi where Inuki kill, his Inugami. Satsuki is, indeed, the most active of the Earth Dragon in the fighting, along with Fuuma Mono.

Satsuki is an extreme rationalist, and attacks Yuzuriha when the latter cannot explain why killing humans is more wrong than the killing of the natural world. She spends much of her time wired into a massive supercomputer named the Beast (provided for her by Kanoe), through which she can physically control cables across Tokyo, using them for recconnaissane and offensive purposes. She develops feelings for Yūto, one of the few people who managed to befriend her, and who in fact gave her the answer that Yuzuriha couldn't.

In the movie, Satsuki runs into Arashi and Sorata, ending killed by dubious: in fact, although the jealousy of Beast is also noticeable and even in this case, the computer tries to stop her, would seem to have been Fuuma to give her the coup de grace.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  •  High Jump- Like every dragon, Satsuki could jump the high of a building.
  • Computer Control- She has natural capacity to communicate with computers.
  • Intelligence- She is very smart. She created Beast, a computer which is a thinking entity.


In Tsubasa, Satsuki is one of the fighters of the City Hall faction. She studies medicine and initially receives Syaoran's group with suspicion; however she's notably less apathetic than her X version, her personality more bordering on seriousness.


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