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Sakura (Gate7)
Sakura as he appears in Gate 7
Series: Gate 7
English Name: Sakura
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Birthday: unkown
Other names: N/A
Relations: Hana (Watches over her)
Tachibana (Partner)
Residence: Kyoto, Japan
Current status: Alive, Active
Powers: Materialize weapons
First Appearance: Gate 7 manga: Chapter 0 (The oneshot before the serialization)
Last appearance: -
English voice actor: N/A
Japanese voice actor: N/A
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Sakura is a fictional character from the series Gate 7 created by the mangaka team, CLAMP. Sakura lives with Tachibana and Hana in Kyoto, Japan. He works with Geishas and Maikos by tying their obis (the sash around a kimono) and is apparently very good at it.

Personality Edit

On the outside, Sakura is kind and friendly. He is easy to talk to and is always smiling. He has a charismatic attitude that seems aloof and cool. Contrary to how he acts, Sakura can be violent and merciless when he has to be. Although the reason for this is still unknown, Sakura cannot sleep without the warmth of another person. Tachibana once mention that it's because Sakura had lost his Oni but the story has yet to explore the true nature of Sakura's insomnia and his reason for serving Hidetsugu.

Sakura works as an Attendant, trying obi on Kamishichiken's Geisha and Maiko. In truth, he somewhat has an illicit relationship with the girls that he works for which probably has something to do with his need of human warmth to help his insomnia.

Appearance Edit

Sakura appear to be a tall young man with white long hair and grey eyes. Sakura is always seen wearing a Kimono.

Powers Edit

Sakura is, for the most part, a support. He materialize weapons for Hana to use in her fight against Oni. However, Sakura can fight well and is quite powerful. He is powerful enough to fight on equal grounds with Sanada Yukimura.

Yin Edit

According to Tachibana, Sakura hold the power of Yin (Darkness). Thus, the weapon that he summon are Yin weapons and is effective against Yang (Light) Oni.