Dragons of Earth
Series: X/1999

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

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Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Other names: None
Relations: Kazuki Tōjō (original form, deceased)

Unnamed father (deceased)

Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Current status: Deceased (Anime)

Deceased (Manga)

Deceased (Movie)

Powers: Telekinesis
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Last appearance: {{{last}}}
English voice actor: Mona Marshall (X/1999 TV Series)

Don Fellows (X Movie)

Japanese voice actor: Motoko Kumai (X/1999 TV Series)

Rika Matsumoto (X Movie)

Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Nataku (那吒) is clone and one of Dragons of Earth.


He is androgyny clone of extreme psychic ability, was born of genetic material of Kazuki Tōjō (塔城 霞月 Tōjō Kazuki), the deceased granddaughter of the president of Tōjō Pharmaceuticals, and her father Masaki. Nataku is sent to retrieve the Sacred Sword by Chairman Tōjō, who wishes to destroy the sword so that Nataku cannot become entangled in the matter of the Promised Day. In the process of stealing the Sacred Sword, Nataku mortally wounds Kyōgo Monou. It was created in a secret laboratory by President Pharmaceutical Industry Toujo, driven by the desire to revive his granddaughter, Kazuki, dead child after an illness. However, the body of Kazuki was now ravaged by the disease and, in order to have all cells to be cloned, his father, the president's son, sacrificed himself by offering to complete the missing parts of DNA: it is for this reason that Nataku has a masculine look , although it is actually sexless. It was his grandfather calling him "Nataku" as the god of war, without a soul. The president of Toujo, however, knew that Kazuki was one of the Dragons of Earth, as this had been revealed by Hinoto : despite this, however, choose to bring it back to life through cloning.

Given its role as the Earth Dragon, Nataku he see ordered by his grandfather to steal the sacred sword kept in the temple Togakushi.

Fūma and Kotori's father, who was attempting to protect the Sacred Sword. Nataku later battles both Karen and Aoki, the former refusing to believe Nataku can possibly be unemotional and regarding Nataku as a "lost child". Nataku is haunted by the memories of their previous life as Kazuki, and they follow Fūma unquestionably as Fūma resembles the person Kazuki cared most for - her father. In the anime, after Fūma is badly wounded by the spell Sorata casts as he dies, he absorbs Nataku's flesh into his own and is healed.

In the manga, Nataku dies when Fūma realizes their greatest wish, to die by the hand of the one they love most (Fūma, who resembles Kazuki's father) while protecting the person most important to them (Karen, who resembles Kazuki's mother).

In the movie, Seiichirō Aoki kills Nataku and himself by both of them falling from the Sunshine 60 building to their deaths.


  • High Jump- Like every dragon, Nataku could jump the high of a building.
  • Telekinesis- Nataku can use his telekinesis in order to use his ribbon like a weapon.


In Tsubasa, Nataku is one of the fighters of the City Hall faction. Nataku is also one of the characters who underwent most significant changes: unlike in X, Nataku is a mentally developed adult and takes care of Kazuki, alternate version of X's Kazuki (who substitutes Seishirō's place).


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