Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
Miyuki-chan Cover JP
The original Japanese cover of Miyuki-chan in Wonderland as published by Kadokawa Shoten.
(Fushigi no Kuni no Miyuki-chan)
Genre: Comedy, Erotic fantasy, Yuri
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Magazine: Newtype
Original run: 1993-1995
Volumes: 1
TV Anime
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
Director: Kiyoko Sayama, Mamoru Hamatsu

Studio: SPE Visual Works
Publisher: ADV Films
Original Run: 1995
Episodes: 2

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland (不思議の国の美幸ちゃん Fushigi no Kuni no Miyuki-chan) is a yuri type of manga series created by CLAMP and published by Kadokawa Shoten in the Japanese edition of Newtype from 1993 to 1995. In 1995, an image album and an OVA version of the first two stories was released. The English language version of the manga was published by Tokyopop in 2003.

The manga is an erotic, lesbian rendition of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The series focuses on Miyuki, a Japanese schoolgirl who finds herself pulled into several, nonsensical worlds populated by scantily-dressed females who want to have their way with her. Each story ends in a paradox, finishing with the words 'Never End' as the cycle repeats itself.



An average-yet-pretty schoolgirl. She appears to be very bright, if a bit scatterbrained. She's also very innocent, claiming to have never even had a boyfriend before. So when she lands in several strange worlds filled with pretty women trying to "get to know her better," she becomes very panicked and wishes for nothing more than to return home.

Miyuki's travel leads her into seven different worlds.

The White Rabbit
As Miyuki runs to school, the White Rabbit (called Bunny-san by Miyuki), dressed like a playboy bunny, rushes by on her skateboard shouting about "it" (herself) being late, and strangely, listens to a MP3 player. Because of this distraction, Miyuki doesn't notice herself falling into a hole with the strange lady until it's too late. She is seen again at the end of the story as Miyuki is being chased by The Queen of Hearts (Mistress) and when the events repeat.
The Doorway Girl
A girl in an Anna Miller waitress outfit, connected to a big pair of doors. She takes an instant liking to Miyuki and think she's funny. Her boobs serve as the doors' knobs. She only appears in the OVA.
Cho Lee & To Lee
Twin martial artists dressed in cheongsams (Cho Lee in red, To Lee in blue). They appear friendly at first, but proceed to challenge Miyuki. They attempt to bring her down in an attempt to strip her of her uniform.
The Mad Hatter
One of the three showgirl-like women who try to get Miyuki to join them for tea. She wears a top hat and a women's-styled tuxedo that barely covers her body and fishnet stockings (manga only). In the OVA, she wears a pair of blue boots instead of the stockings. She has red hair in an elaborate bun. When Miyuki asked the Mad Hatter where she is, all she says is that she is "here". In the manga, Miyuki runs away after turning down the offer for tea. In the OVA, Miyuki is forced to sit and enjoy it as the Mad Hatter tries to go up her shirt.
The March Hare
One of the three showgirl-like women. She wears a halter top, a thong and rabbit ears. In the OVA, she gives Miyuki the tea that helps her return to her normal size.
The Dormouse
One of the three showgirl-like women. She wears a leotard with mouse ears. In the OVA, she attempts to look up Miyuki's skirt before she runs away.
The Cheshire Cat
Miyuki meets the Cheshire Cat in a dark forest. When Miyuki asked Cheshire Cat where she is, Cheshire ignores Miyuki's question and tries to seduce the girl. She is a catgirl with long, bushy, orange hair. She wears a tiger-print bathing suit with matching, handless gloves and boots.
The Playing Card Girls
These girls serve their mistress by painting the Rose Girls red, but they secretly wished to be punished. They're one of the few who do not try to seduce Miyuki. They only wear white skirts, white socks & aprons that cover their boobs & have playing card symbols on them, with matching hats, earrings, & shoes. They only appear in the OVA.
The Rose Girls
Like in the original story by Lewis Carroll, they also painted red from white. They're one of the few who do not try to seduce Miyuki. They wear flat shoes with rose, lingerie with huge rose shaped bonnets & even bigger roses on their buttocks. They only appear in the OVA.
The Queen of Hearts
A woman who only likes red roses & will punish her servants severely if they grow white roses. When she ask Miyuki's name, Miyuki answers, & The Queen of Hearts cracks her whip, ordering Miyuki to kneel down before her & lick her boots. She ends up chasing Miyuki as she cracks her whip, laughing maniacally. In the manga, she demands to be called "Mistress." In the Ova, she insists on "Queen." Because she has a whip, she looks more like a dominatrix, which includes her outfit. The only thing that makes her like a queen is her gold crown on her head. She has a blonde hair in an elaborate style.


Mirror Miyuki
Miyuki is pulled into Mirrorland by her own reflection, after it gives her a kiss. It is seen again when the chess game. In the OVA, she controls the red/black chess pieces, while Miyuki controls the white/blue ones. When the chess game is over, she ends up losing & takes off her clothes, even as Miyuki protests (not wanting someone who's basically herself to strip). Miyuki tries to stop her from stripping, but finds out that she can go through it, causing her to go through the mirror at the chess board, & finds herself back to her room. Her reflection also goes back normal, except when Miyuki facing away from the mirror, where her reflection turns around & gives the reader/audience the V (victory/peace) sign.
A demonic, but sexy looking girl sitting atop a pole as Miyuki enters Mirrorland. After trying to look up Miyuki's skirt, she flies her off to a place where the sky was beneath her & the land was above. She has light brown skin, long bushy white hair, & a sort of S&M servant type of outfit. She is able to fly with black bat like wings & has a long tail.
A tiny flower girl whom Miyuki accidentally lands on when Miyuki falls onto the field of flowers (shaped like a sakura flower if it seen from an aerial view). After yelling at Miyuki to get off, she instantly falls for Miyuki, calling her "cute girl" & clinging into Miyuki's face. She wears a purple lingerie, purple choker, purple gloves, with a violet flower in place of a bun on the back of her head. She only appear in the OVA.
Another tiny flower woman, she appears to be older & more mature than Sumire. She also falls for Miyuki & was the first to call her "cute girl". Yuri invites Miyuki to join her & Sumire as they "play" with each other, but Miyuki turns the offer down & runs away. She wears a white lingerie which is more revealing than Sumire, but still cover her vagina, butt, & boobs. She also wears white boots, white gloves, lily necklace, & lily earrings. She only appear in the OVA.
A tiny humanoid butterfly, much like a fairy. She is one of the few who do not try to seduce Miyuki & instead helping her by blowing a wind into Miyuki's tired face. Her wings are transparent, delicate, & is so lightweight that a simple breath can blow her away. She has a short red hair. She wears a pair of pink-yellow stripes stocking with a maching top that has a heart print on it. She also wears white gloves & white pleated skirt. She doesn't understand Japanese. She only appear in the OVA.
Humpty Dumpty
A woman who controls the chess board while sitting inside an over-sized egg. She wears a long yellow dress with a yellow scarf. She has her white hair in an elegant style.
Chess pieces
The chess pieces are beautiful women dressed in red/black or white/blue. They slap each other when attack. The lose chess piece will falls onto the chess board & loses her outfits instanly.

TV LandEdit

Snow twins
Two cute, but foul-mouthed young girls. They tie Miyuki by the wrist to a tree branch, &, using pacman-like creatures, tear Miyuki's pajamas to shreds.
A beautiful woman who saves Miyuki twice in the story. She has 2 set of wings. One on her back & the other as her ears. She also one of the few who do not try to seduce Miyuki.
A dark, aggressive woman who takes a strong liking to Miyuki. After Miyuki escapes, she sends her harem to capture her.

Part-Time Job LandEdit

The Five Waitresses
The 5 waitresses, & a reluctant Miyuki, participate in a strip match to strip & tear each other's waitress outfit. . Most of the waitresses attacks are related to food service, like: "Butterfly Chopsticks", "Spinning Chicken Kick", "Pay Raise Fist", "Caramel Overload", "Ninja Chop Suey", "Power Laser Beam", "Soul Fist", "Kung Power Beam", & "Shining Strike." The winner is the one who still dressed in her waitress uniform.

Mahjong LandEdit

Mahjong Girl
The apparent heroine of a manga Miyuki was reading. She, along with The Flight Attendant & The Nurse, came out from the manga when Miyuki turns the manga's next page to read it. They came out to play strip Mahjong with Miyuki. She is an expert in the game & in no time, she has the other 2 women (The Flight Attendant & The Nurse) out of their clothes. When Miyuki defeats her, Mahjong Girl transforms into Mahjong Girl (before transform, she is an ordinary schoolgirl) & tries to strip Miyuki by force, but Miyuki's quick thinking made her come out victorious & become the new "Mahjong Girl."
Flight Attendant
One of the three women who came out to play strip Mahjong with Miyuki. She is defeated easily by the Mahjong Girl & the first to lose. As a result, she strips.
One of the three women who came out to play strip mahjong with Miyuki. She also defeated easily by the Mahjong Girl & the second to lose. As a result, she also strips.

Video Game LandEdit

A demon Miyuki finds in a treasure chest. She jumps on Miyuki, but is stopped by The Priestess, The Sorceress, & The Warrior. She takes a liking to The Warrior after she punches her. She is a level 20 "Sexy Demon" with 160 HP & 44 MP.
Bunny Girl
She looks up Miyuki's skirt as she comments on her lack of armor & constantly rags on her.
The Priestess & The Sorceress
They save Miyuki from Succubus by saying a spell on Succubus & rips off her clothes. They also find armor for Miyuki.
The Warrior
She save Miyuki from Succubus by pinning her down & away from Miyuki, but subsequently turns the demon's sexual attention to herself.
A dragon the team uses to get to the final battle.
Final Boss
The final boss to the Role-playing game.

X LandEdit

The hero of X, also by CLAMP. Miyuki takes his place.
She asks Miyuki to save the earth, despite Miyuki's attempt to correct her.
She tries to feel Miyuki up, calling her Kamui.
She tries to capture Miyuki by using The Beast.
She strips Miyuki & dress her in a frilly lingerie.
She blasts at Miyuki, shredding her lingerie.
She offers Miyuki some snack, causing her to completely naked.