Meiling Li
Meiling Li
Meiling Li as she appears in Cardcaptor Sakura
Series: Cardcaptor Sakura
English Name: Meilin Rae
Gender: Female
Age: 10 (Seasons 1-2)
12 (Season 3)
13 (2nd Movie)
Birthday: March 25
Other names: Brat
Relations: Megumi Li (late mother)
Lynn Li (late father)
Syaoran Li (Cousin)
Fanren Li, Fuutie Li, Feimei Li and Sheifa Li (Cousins)
Yelan Li (Aunt)
Senior Li (Uncle,Deceased)
Residence: Hong Kong (Current Residence)
Tomoeda, Japan (Past Residence)
Current status: Alive
Powers: Skilled in martial arts
First Appearance: Cardcaptor Sakura Episode 20 (Anime)
Last appearance: Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card
English voice actor: Nicole Oliver (Cardcaptors)
Julie Maddalena (2nd Movie)
Japanese voice actor: Yukana Nogami
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Meiling Li is a fictional character created by CLAMP and appears in their series Cardcaptor Sakura. She is an expert martial artist and Syaoran Li's cousin. She is also Syaoran's self-proclaimed bride and sees Sakura Kinomoto as her rival for Syaoran's love. Meiling comes to Tomoeda because she missed Syaoran and then decides to help him capture all of the Clow Cards so he would return home.


Meiling has black hair which is parted in the middle, into two buns on either side of her head and the rest hanging down. While cardcapting, she wears Chinese garb, with a prominent ying-yang symbol in the middle.


Meiling es bienintencionado a pesar de su inmadurez, y devoto a pesar de su actitud temeraria. Su visión de Sakura cambia de rival a apreciada amiga a medida que avanza la serie. Cuando vuelve brevemente a Tomoeda, reconoce a Sakura como la persona que ama a Syaoran Li. Ella le sonríe a Syaoran, con lágrimas en los ojos al reconocer que el compromiso se cancela, y luego abandona el apartamento mientras intenta ir tras ella. Meiling pasa la noche en la casa de Tomoyo Daidōji para liberar toda su tristeza a través de muchos gritos y lágrimas sin agobiar a Syaoran. Este momento muestra no solo cuánto ha madurado Meiling, sino también cuánto se preocupa por él, ya que ella renuncia a lo que ha amado la mayor parte de su vida para que sea feliz. Aunque Meiling tiene el corazón roto, ella apoya y ayuda a progresar en la relación de Sakura y Syaoran,

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Martial Artist: Meiling has shown great skill with martial arts, at one point even battling on equal footing with the Fight card. During Eriol's test, she also fought several rock penguins, though this did leave her hands injured.
  • Perceptive Combat: Despite not having magic, she is able to analyze situations and come up with a solution. This is seen when she tells Sakura to use the Freeze card to stop the penguins.


One night, one of Meiling's bird escaped from its cage, leaving her in tears. Syaoran, after witnessing the situation, simply said "Don't cry," and ran into the woods to find the lost bird. It began raining while he was away, and after what felt like hours he finally returned, successful. Meiling was not only happy that he found the bird but also quite touched that he would do such a thing for her. She embraced Syaoran, crying again (though out of relief), though it only left him confused, asking if she had suddenly hurt herself somewhere. Since then Meiling has watched over Syaoran and been by his side. Not too long after the bird rescue, Meiling confesses her feelings to Syaoran. This appeared to be a random outburst, as Syaoran had been quietly reading opposite her on the patio table. Meiling continued to declare that she liked him more than anyone else, and she argued that Syaoran liked nobody else more than he liked her. Syaoran stuttered in agreement (though it was probably only true because he had never yet thought of liking girls, which placed Meiling as first out of a group of one), which further led Meiling to declare herself engaged to him. The promise was that she would give him up if he ever found somebody he liked more than her; until then, she would be his bride. The promise itself took some persuasion, as Meiling leaped onto the table, nearly shrieking "All right?!" in his face until he finally accepted.


Clow Card ArcEdit

Sakura Card ArcEdit

Meiling briefly return to help Sakura sort out the strange occurrences that are happening with the cards. They come across the park where several metal penguins are charging at them. Meiling fights them and hurts her hands, while Syaoran and Sakura take the larger one on. Sakura knew that she couldn't use the Time card, but Meiling told her to try the Freeze card. Once that worked, Syaoran used his lightning spell to destroy them. Later, at Syaoran's house, Meiling tells him that he is lucky for being needed. She says that he will always be tied to the Clow Card's destiny, as he is a better Clow Reed descendant than her, and he has magical powers. Just before she leaves, Syaoran confesses that they need her too. He apologizes for not telling her that more often.

She stays at Tomoyo's house and the next day, goes to the airport. Sakura tells her that she wishes she could stay longer, and Meiling says that she'll try and visit soon. She then suggests that Syaoran and Sakura could visit her as well. Sakura complies, and she and Syaoran say goodbye to Meiling as she boards the plane.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Movie 2Edit

Meiling returns with Syaoran over their summer break to visit Sakura and Tomoyo back in Tomoeda, mainly to help Sakura confess her love to Syaoran. She gets a part in the school play performed during the Nadeshiko Festival when Syaoran has to fill in for Yamazaki after he is injured during an attack by the Nothing Card. Meiling and Tomoyo are erased by the Nothing Card at the beginning of the final battle against it, and are returned safely after Sakura seals the last card and confesses her love for Syaoran.


Syaoran LiEdit

Meiling's fascination with Syaoran began when she was about five, when they were both living in Hong Kong. Since then, she had fallen in love with Syaoran, stating that they were engaged at one point.

Sakura KinomotoEdit

Meiling has a rivalry with Sakura, beginning because she knew Sakura would eventually end up with Syaoran. However, she is unable to hate Sakura, as she is a kind person, and eventually accepts her as one of her best friends.

Tomoyo DaidoujiEdit

Tomoyo, in her greater perception, had told Meiling that she was welcome at her home if she ever needed company. After ending the engagement, Meiling needs someone to talk to who is not Syaoran, and especially not Sakura. Tomoyo provides the sympathetic ear and quietly listens as Meiling sobs into her lap and lets out all of her thoughts.


  • Meiling is an anime-only character, not appearing in any of the manga chapters. However, she appears to have known Syaoran practically all his life, making her the "childhood friend" character of many anime series. Meiling makes Syaoran promise her that he wil marry her unless he finds someone he truly likes more than he likes her; because Meiling is so passionate about this, Syaoran agrees. This is why Meiling claims to be Syaoran's fiancee when she first appears in Tomoeda.
  • Meiling believes that Syaoran is the rightful heir to the Clow Cards, and follows him whenever he goes out looking for them. Although not a magician herself, she uses her strength and acrobatic talents to try to help Syaoran in the card capture. She is unwilling to accept Sakura as the Card Captor, but when she does, she also seems to accept that Sakura and Syaoran have come to care for each other, and she goes back to Hong Kong.