Series: xxxHolic
English Name: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Other names: N/A
Relations: Moro (younger twin sister)

Yuuko Ichihara (creator)

Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Current status: Alive
Powers: Hold together the Shop
First Appearance: xxxHolic Ch. 1

xxxHolic Episode 1

Last appearance: {{{last}}}
English voice actor: Leah Clark
Japanese voice actor: Kazuko Kojima
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Maru "Marudashi"(マル) is one of the two girls that led Watanuki into Yūko's shop.


Maru seems to be the "older" twin. She is taller and has long, curly, blue hair that she ties into pigtails. Her outfit seems to have a "devil" look to it, showing that she is the darker of the twins. She also seems to be the more mature of the twins, but her temper flares up more quickly than Moro's. She is more skilled in games and household chores than Moro, and hates when Moro outdoes her or cheats.



Maru and Moro are two "spirits" that live in Yuuko's shop. Most of the time they are Yuuko's "yesmen" who always agree with her and do whatever she says, and other times they are relaxing with Yuuko while Watanuki does all the work.

In chapter 126 of the manga, Yuuko reveals that because the two girls have no souls, they cannot leave the shop. Therefore, whenever it shows the group going out, it only shows Yuuko, Watanuki, and Mokona, whereas Maru and Moro must stay behind. The whole point of Maru and Moro's exsistence is to hold the shop up. They use all their energy to keep the shop alive and visible to customers, but because of all the power they use, they must take long naps in order to regain their strength.

Maru and Moro are the ones that led Watanuki to the shop in the first place. When he refuses to come into the shop, Maru and Moro grab him by the arms and pull him inside where they lead him to Yuuko's room. Over the series Maru and Moro are just shown in the background, dancing and repeating whatever Yuuko says, but sometimes it will show them both playing a game together, or argueing with each other. They both spend a lot of time with Watanuki since they became attached to him ever since they saw him. In the manga, Maru and Moro are seen constantly hugging Watanuki and helping him out.

Even though Maru and Moro are faithful to Yuuko and attend to her every need, they quickly change their loyalty to Watanuki when he becomes to owner of the shop after Yuuko disappears. In the manga, when the girls found out Yuuko was gone, they both cried and hugged Watanuki for comfort. They were then seen being put to bed by Watanuki. They were still crying but he told them it was going to be alright. The next time they were seen they were smiling and hugging Watanuki, then rushing off to help him set up an alter to help him get a red pearl.



  • How Maru and Moro were made and who created them is unknown, but there is no way for them to disappear unless they leave the shop.

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