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Mokona from xxxHolic
Series: xxxHolic

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

English Name: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Birthday: February 14
Other names: Mokona
Relations: Clow Reed, Yuuko Ichihara (creators)

Mokona of Cephiro (original self)

Residence: Modern Japan (Yuko's Shop)
Current status: Living
Powers: See Spirits
First Appearance: xxxHolic Ch. 1 (Manga)

xxxHolic Episode 1 (Anime)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Episode 1 (Anime)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Ch. 2 (Manga)

Last appearance: {{{last}}}
English voice actor: Carrie Savage
Japanese voice actor: Mika Kikuchi
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Larg is Black Mokona and is a fictional character that appears in the series xxxHolic and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle made by the mangaka group, CLAMP.


Larg and Soel are copies of the original Mokona, who appears in Magic Knight Rayearth (another Clamp series). The two were created by Yūko Ichihara and Clow Reed (who appear to be aware of the existence of Sakura Kinomoto and all of the events in her world). One day, Yūko and Clow encountered the original Mokona, who was traveling through different worlds, and Mokona provided Yūko and Clow with the knowledge of alternate dimensions. After learning that one day a Sakura and Syaoran from an alternate world would come to their world to ask for help, Yūko and Clow created the two Mokona, basing them on the original but with slight differences, such as difference in size and the ability to talk (where as the original Mokona would only say "Puu!"). Each Mokona was also given an earring which matched the color of the gem on its forehead, the blue earring seals magic power while the red earring boosts magic power. Yūko explained to the TRC group that the two Mokona were created in order to stop the plans of Fei Wong Reed's wishes.


After Yüko's death, Black Mokona stays with Watanuki in the shop together with Maru and Moro. Unlike Maru and Moro, who develops a closeness with Watanuki similar to the one they had with Yüko, Black Mokona and Watanuki's relationship remain unchanged.

xxxHolic Movie: Midsummer Night's DreamEdit

Mokona appears in xxxHolic's OVA when they get out of the mysterious mansion. While Watanuki and Yuko are inside the room, something bleeps, which is revealed to be a message from Syaoran and Sakura. Through Mokona, Yuuko sends Syaoran and Sakura the key that unlocks anything.



Black Mokona is not quite as enthusiastic and energetic as White Mokona, but nevertheless a teaser. He usually calls Watanuki "Watanuki April Fools" which results in a reaction from Watanuki similar to Kurogane's. Along with Yuko, loves to tease Watanuki and drink alcohol, much to Watanuki's annoyance.

Like Yuko, Black Mokona loves to drink sake. The name Larg comes from the rune "Lagu" meaning water.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Some of Larg's abilities include to see ghosts, and devour spirits as seen in chapter 157 (xxxHolic). His main purpose is to function as a brigde to comunicate Yuko with the Tsubasa group, helping them as neccesary. He also functions to exchange objects, which he does by swallowing them. So far, it's been revealed that the earing of Larg contains Sakura's and Watanuki's memories. Little is known about Black Mokona, except that it is able to see ghosts, something the White Mokona cannot do. It also apparently has the ability to devour spirits and compress them into a ball, although it is not evident if the White Mokona possesses this ability either.


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