Kurogane 2
Kurogane as he appears in Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Series: Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
English Name: Kurogane
Gender: Male
Age: around 25
Birthday: N/A
Other names: Hangenmaru (Real name; anime)
Youou (Real name; manga)
Big Dog (by Fai)
Daddy Kuro-tan (by Fai)
Kuro-(tan/sama/wan-wan/rin/puu/chi/daddy/pon/pipi/ect. ect.) (by Fai)
Relations: Lord of the Suwa region (Father, deceased)
Priestess of the Suwa region (Mother, deceased)
Residence: Japan (Past residence)
Current status: Alive/Active
Powers: High Swordsmanship ability
Inhuman strength
First Appearance: TRC Manga: Chapter 2
TRC Anime: Episode 1
Last appearance: TRC Manga: Chapter 233
TRC Anime: Tsubasa Shunraiki: Episode 2
English voice actor: Chris Sabat
Luci Christian (younger)
Japanese voice actor: Tetsu Inada
Yumiko Kobayashi
Korean voice actor: Seung-uk Jeong

Kurogane is a fictional character created by the mangaka group CLAMP and appears in their series, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. A ninja hailing from the country of Japan, he was exiled by the princess he served as he constantly killed needlessly. The princess, a powerful seer, sent him to Yuuko, the Time Space Witch, and placed a curse on him: every time he needlessly killed, he would grow weaker and weaker. To pay for travelling across dimensions so he could get back to Japan he reluctantly gave up his sword Ginryū.


Kurogane is the tallest member of the group, with black, spikey hair and red eyes. Being a ninja, he is quite muscular as well as dexterous. On his left hand is a scar, caused by Princess Tomoyo's magic to stop his rampage when he was younger. As a child, Kurogane was far thinner and tall for his age.


Originally having a loner personality - only helping Syaoran's quest because Mokona refused to leave the dimension without the feather, he soon grows to become fond of the group - despite being rather gruff. As the group starts to drift apart in the Infinity Arc, it is shown that it is Kurogane who is trying the hardest to keep them together.

Kurogane has a short temper and is often prone to yelling in response to Fai and Mokona's antics, especially when being called various nicknames given throughout the series.

He doesn't have a high tolerance for jokes or people who are drunk, and is not particularly fond of sweets.


Kurogane is the son of the Lord and Priestess of Suwa and was far more playful as a child than the gruff man in the series. Growing up with a sick mother, who suffered from Turberculosis, Kurogane was extremely worried about her health and often fished, among other things, to find ways to keep her healthy.

Kurogane learned most of his signiture moves from his father, who as well was a very skilled swordsman. He wanted to become skilled with a blade in order to protect those that he loved the most.




Fai D. FlouriteEdit

Fai constantly teased Kurogane throughout the series - calling him nicknames like Mr. Black and other childish names, much to Kurogane's annoyance. Fai and Kurogane gradually become friends - when Fai lies dying due to the loss of his eye, Kurogane arranges to make him a vampire, and agrees to become Fai's blood supplier.


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