Kohane Tsuyuri
Series: xxxHolic
English Name: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 9 (xxxHolic)

19 (xxxHolic Rou)

Birthday: May 7
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Relations: Satoe Tsuyuri (Mother)

Oba-chan (adoptive grandmother) Shizuka Doumeki (Husband)

Doumeki (great grand-son)

Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Current status: Deseased
Powers: See Spirits
First Appearance: xxxHOLiC Chapter 105

xxxHOLiC: Kei Episode 5

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English voice actor: N/A
Japanese voice actor: Rina Hidaka
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Kohane Tsuyuri (五月七日小羽 Tsuyuri Kohane) is a fictional character in the Clamp manga xxxHolic. Her first name in kanji is translated as "small feathers" and her last name literally means May 7th. Kohane is a powerful exorcist; she is first introduced in the ninth volume of the manga. She is best friends with Watanuki, Doumeki and Himawari.


She has a long blonde and wavy hair and greenish-blue eyes with a beauty marks under her left eye, with a little sultry looks. TeenKohane Teen Kohane as seen in XXXHOLiC Rou OAV



She is just like Watanuki can also see and sense spirits. In one incident, a customer of Yuko Ichihara didn't know that she was a ghost. The ghost herself wanted to get rid of that presence. Later on, the family in the house called Kohane to eliminate the spirit.

In one of the Supernatural TV shows she guested on along with other mediums Kohane was able to sense the secondary spirit of a woman who committed suicide in the abandoned building. Since five of the mediums only sensed one spirit, this had a bad effect on her popularity. She was called a fake and, to Watanuki's horror, on one of his visits Kohane was covered in bandages after being pushed down the stairs. Her home was vandalized and her answering machine was filled with threats.

In another Ghost TV show appearance she and another medium was to find the missing husband of a lady. The other medium said that the husband was still alive and well. Kohane whispered to the lady that her husband is dead and in fact is buried in the lady's home, also citing the woman killed her own husband.

Sense auras or curses: After having made a pinky promise with Himawari Kunogi, Kohane sensed what happened and predicted he would suffer ill fortune.

Exorcise spirits: Exorcising spirits is Kohane specialty that not much people can do, surpassing even Watanuki's power to exorcise spirits. She got this power from one of Sakura Li's feathers. Nevertheless, in Chapter 156, Kohane got rid of the source of her power of exorcism as payment to Yuko for fulfilling her wish.


Early LifeEdit

Kohane is a young medium who, at the age of 9 has been catapulted into the TV world for her powers. Although her mother is very protective of her, she believes that is only interested in her television career. After first developing her powers, she helped her mother learn that her father was having an affair, causing a drastic change in her mother's personality. She soon stops touching Kohane, doesn't refer to her by name, takes away any objects or food not considered "pure", and cuts off all contact with other people. She focuses on having Kohane on as many television shows as possible, and buys large amounts of extravagant items. This treatment causes Kohane to have a quiet and lonely demeanor, though she attempts to stay strong for her mother's sake, blaming everything on herself. Originally, Kohane only had the ability of seeing spirits, but thanks to one of Sakura's feathers she got the gift of purification.

First FriendEdit

Watanuki and Kohane first met underneath a sakura tree that had the spirit of a woman that Kohane could sense (and was supposed to lay to rest). Upon their first meeting Kohane could feel that Watanuki was like her. She is around 11 years old, and is widely known in public as a child prodigy, medium and exorcist. Due to her abilities she has been invited to and has featured on many paranormal-based TV shows.

Kohane is a somewhat quiet and lonely girl due to the upbringing she has had. She also acts very maturely for her age, and even though she may be severely criticized she keeps her composure well.

Watanuki seems to be the only person that can make her smile due to the care and genuine concern he has shown her.

She mentioned to Watanuki that she hasn't been called by her first name for as long as she can remember, noting Watanuki calling her "Kohane-chan" as a first. She appears to have a crush on Watanuki, and is the only one in the series so far that calls him Kimihiro-kun.

Due to the restrictions imposed by her mother, Kohane doesn’t have many friends. Watanuki seems to be her only friend and is the only one to call her by her name. She and Watanuki seem to have some sort of connection: both can see spirits and their family names are related.

After an incident of a live TV show where in she and other mediums were asked if they sense different spirits of a haunted place, Kohane's deductions of another spirit present was different from all the other mediums who sensed the samething. This caused her to be labeled as a hoax, even as far having her house vandalized.She was seen by Watanuki covered in wounds and bandages after "falling" down the stairs on her way home (she suspects she was pushed, though seems indifferent).

Later, she gives her power to Yūko as payment for a wish, the wish of happiness, but the witch only takes as payment the power of purification by removing the feather that lay inside of her. Yuuko grants this wish by fixing the various external problems in her life, such as her reputation. Yuko cannot fix her issues with her mother, as a person's true character can only be changed by their own will.


Four years after Yūko's death, Kohane is now a student at Tsuji Academy and often visits Watanuki in his shop. She still lives with Oba-chan. Her feelings and affection for Watanuki have become much stronger over the years, but she keeps these feelings hidden. Seeing Watanuki's 'pain' and 'isolation' at the shop greatly saddens Kohane, and she wishes she could comfort him.

After 10 years, she studies folklore at the same university as Domeki's. Domeki's professor finds ancient, though valuable artifacts that once belonged to the owner's mother.The owner's mother was an amazing Izuna user. When she died the Izuna then took over the grandchild's body. The granchild is a helpless girl who needs of Watanuki's help and power of wishes.


  • She resembles Princess Emeraude Emeraude from Magic Knight Rayearth (CLAMP). Both have blonde hair, blue eyes and resemble the same personality.
  • She's the only who have called Watanuki by his name, Kimihiro-kun since his parents died.
  • Both Watanuki and Kohane's last names mean their birthdays.

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