Series: Wish
Drop & Drug
English Name: None
Gender: None
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
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Relations: Shuichiro Kudo (lover)
Residence: Japan, Tokyo
Current status: Alive
Powers: Singing
First Appearance: Wish Ch. 1 (Manga)
Kobato. Ch (Manga)
Kobato. Ep. 4 (Anime)
Last appearance: Wish Ch. (Manga)
Kobato. Ch (Manga)
Kobato. Ep. 24 (Anime)
English voice actor: None
Japanese voice actor: Chiwa Saito
Korean voice actor: None

Kohaku (琥珀) is a fictional character of Wish. Kohaku lives with the current reincarnation of Shuichirou and tries to help him in every way possible.


Kohaku is neither a boy or a girl. Angels and demons do not have human genders, so referring to Kohaku as "he" or "she" is incorrect. However, the English translation of the manga took liberty with this and assigned Kohaku female pronouns.


Kohaku is very cheerful, sweet and often described as clumsy.


After Shuichirou's sudden death, Kohaku is put into a hundred-year sleep so that Shuichiro will have been reincarnated by the time Kohaku awakens. One hundred years later, the reincarnation of Shuichiro, now 17, passes by his old house which awakens Kohaku. He has no memory of Kohaku, so their relationship starts anew.

Kobato AnimeEdit

Kohaku is an acquaintance of Genko and several of the inhabitants of the Spirit World, many who admire the angel's singing voice, and has commented on Kobato's progress and the consequences of Ioryogi's actions. After meeting the angel, Ginsei begins visiting Kohaku on a regular basis, particularly as she begins to worry about Kobato and Ioryogi's fates if Kobato is unable to fulfill her wish.

Kohaku is introduced early in the series and befriends Kobato. Because Ioryogi is aware of Kohaku's true nature, he constantly asks Kohaku if there's something they can do to change Kobato's wish, though Kohaku's response is always that there's nothing to do. At the end of the series, it is Kohaku who explains to Fujimoto the nature of Kobato's wish and assures the young man that if they are fated to be together they will be in time.

Kobato MangaEdit

In the manga's epilogue, Kobato and Kohaku meets for the first time in Genko's shop and sing a song together in front of Ginsei.

Drug & DropEdit

Kohaku appears in the latest chapters of Drug&Drop. Kazahaya goes to Shuichirou's house for an errand and his presence causes Kohaku to awaken. They quickly become friends and promise to meet again. Although it's not confirmed that they're related, Kazahaya and Shuichirou share the same surname.

Powers & AblilitesEdit