Kobato Hanato
Hanato Kobato
Kobato Hanato as she appears in Kobato.
Series: Kobato (こばと。)
English Name: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: 24 April
Other names: Dobato
Relations: Kiyokazu Fujimoto (Boyfriend)

Ioryogi (Mentor/Caretaker)

Suisho, angel Ioryogi fell in love with (Shares a soul)

Residence: Tokyo, Japan.
Current status: Alive
Powers: Healing hearts of those who are hurting.
First Appearance: Kobato Manga: Exam 1

Kobato Anime: Episode 1

Last appearance: Kobato Manga: Drop 24

Kobato Anime: Episode 24

English voice actor: N/A
Japanese voice actor: Kana Hanazawa
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Kobato Hanato (花戸 小鳩 Hanato Kobato) is a fictional character created by CLAMP and the titular protagonist the series, Kobato.


Little is known about Kobato's origins or her past. Upon her introduction, it is only known that she is supposed to fill a flask given to her by Ioryogi with the suffering in people's hearts, which take the form of small spiky beads. She attempts to fulfill the task in hopes of being granted her wish of going to a certain place, though she is forbidden to fall in love with a certain boy she is expected to become close to. She is frequently seen wearing many different hats, which is must not remove in the presence of others.

Kobato's understanding of the world is inconsistent, thus she appears to lack common sense in regards to matters most people already know. Often, she is corrected by Ioryogi with a blast of fire. However, she is a cheerful and optimistic individual in contrast to the considerably more cynical Kiyokazu Fujimoto.

Towards the conclusion of the series, it revealed that Kobato is neither alive or dead, and her hat conceals a crown-shaped mark that indicates her soul exists between these states. What becomes of her is dependant on whether or not her wish is fulfilled.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kobato is a beautiful girl who has a rather fair in skin tone, with her cheeks usually tinted pink. She has long reddish-pink hair that reaches her waist and cut in shorter layers around her head. Her eyes are big and bright, often matching the color of her hair. Always seen wearing long dresses or puffy pants, she is also noted to always be wearing a hat. Height wise, Kobato is rather tall but no official height has been given.

At the start of the series, Kobato is rather naïve and knows very little of the world, and thus, making her appear strange to the people around her. She is often scolded by Ioryogi with her trademark clumsiness and lack of knowledge. In the beginning, she fails miserably at many of his 'tests'. Despite all this, she takes many of her mistakes to heart, and with her admirable resolve and determination, tries her best to achieve her ultimate goal: healing wounded hearts.

Despite her lack of knowledge in basic areas, Kobato is genuinely kind. Her bright outlook on life, accompanied by her radiant smile, often heals the hearts of many without her knowledge. Sweet, perky, cute, and determined, Kobato tries her very best at the tasks she's given. She believes the best in people, and is often shocked when she discovers their true intentions. Kobato never wishes harm on anybody, and becomes very sad when those she cares about are in pain. Upon meeting Sayaka Okiura, her biggest wish is to heal her wounded heart. She carries this same heartfelt attitude toward almost everyone she meets.