Kakyo Kuzuki
Dragons of Earth
Series: X/1999

Tsubasa: Reservoir

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Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Other names: None
Relations: Unknown
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Current status: Deceased (Anime)

Unknown (Manga)

Deceased (Movie)

Powers: Has power to see future


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English voice actor: Terrence Stone (X/1999 TV Series)
Japanese voice actor: Yuji Ueda (X/1999 TV Series)
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Kakyō Kuzuki (玖月 牙暁 Kuzuki Kakyo) Is a dreamseer in a permanent coma and one of Dragons of Earth.


He is tall man with a sad expression, golden eyes, long, pale hair, and almost always dressed in white.


Kakyo's past is unclear: it can be seen, in fact, segregated into a house, probably by politicians or the yakuza because of his powers, and forced to communicate with the outside world only through the dreamlike dimension. Just in Kakyo dreams meets Hokuto Sumeragi, twin sister of Subaru Sumeragi. They meet several times and Kakyo ends up falling in love with girl. But he dreams of the future, that is, her death at the hands of Seishirou Sakurazuka (as seen in the last volume of Tokyo Babylon). He tries to escape from the place where he is detained to stop Hokuto, but was stopped by a bullet fired by those who segregating. Because the wound and pain for not being able to save the woman he loved, Kakyo falls into a coma. Because of this condition, it is also unable to fulfill their desire: to die in order to reach Hokuto. He came to believe that the future was immutable, and began to wish for his death although unable to kill himself being in a physical coma.

Later, he was able to talk with Fuuma Mono which promises to fulfill his desire in exchange for his help in the destruction of the planet. Kakyo accepts, despite often appear in dreams even Kamui Shiro, sometimes to help him.

He aware of the existence of the dark side of Hinoto, but does not help either explicitly reveals his presence to other Dragons of Heaven, as their opponent.

In the anime, its story is told in an OVA, titled Omen, also known as "episode 0". 

n X he meets and befriends the fledgling dreamseer Kotori Mono within the dreamscape, but realizes that she, too, will soon die at the hands of her older brother Fuuma. To grant Kotori's last wish that Kamui hould be spared, Kakyō possesses her corpse during its "death dream" and clings to the Sacred Sword, preventing Fūma from removing it from Kotori's body and using it to kill Kamui. However, in doing so Kakyō alerts Fūma to his presence, and the Dragon of Earth hunts down the dreamseer and convinces him that he will grant his wish to die in peace, provided Kakyō aids him as one of the Seven Angels. They grow intimate over times, as Fūma continually consoles Kakyō during his still-existent fits of grief over Hokuto's death.

In the anime, Kakyō is coerced into manipulating Princess Hinoto's own future-seeing dreams, but finally turns against Fūma after encouragement from Hokuto and Kotori that the future is not, after all, unchanging. He enables Hokuto to enter her brother Subarus dreams and talk him into helping Kamui during the crucial moments of the final battle. At the end of the series he dies peacefully, and his spirit is finally able to join his beloved Hokuto and "go outside".

Here in the almost presenter, foretells future disasters: know that all efforts will be futile, he knows that the earth will be destroyed, that all the protagonists will die and, while talking, pass the images of each dispute will then be shown in the anime , of every relationship and dream which, it says Kakyo, it will be destroyed.


In Tsubasa, Kakyō is one of the fighters of the City Hall faction. He has the ability to divine the future through his dreams and welcomes Syaoran's group with much less hostility than the rest, as he has foreseen their coming.


  • Yumemi- Kakyo can see the future, see people’s dreams, bring people into a dream, show them a vision and see everyone everywhere.


Hokuto Sumeragi

Having never seen the outside world, he drew Hokuto into his dreams and fell in love with her after she showed him the sea through her own imagination. In final episode, after he dies, he join to Hokuto and went to alferlife.


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