Iemitsu Tokugawa
Iemitsu Tokugawa
徳川 家光
Series: Gate 7
English Name: None
Gender: Male
Age: Uknown
Birthday: Uknown
Other names: None
Relations: Senhime (Sister)
Residence: Kyoto, Japan
Current status: Alive
Powers: Oni Mitsuha
First Appearance: Gate 7 Manga: Chapter 5
Last appearance: Latest Chapter
English voice actor: None
Japanese voice actor: None
Korean voice actor: None

Iemitsu Tokugawa (徳川 家光) is a historical figure that appears in the manga Gate 7 made by the mangaka group, CLAMP. Iemtsu is the main antagonist of the story. Very little is known of is power.

Personality Edit

On the outside, Iemitsu appears to be a sickly and gentle young boy with a kind smile. In truth, he is a merciless killer who loves to shed blood. Even during his past life, Iemitsu would leave his castle to kill innocent people for entertainment. He once stated that what he love most is to hate and to be hated by others. While Iemitsu inner personality could be consider as a madman, Iemitsu himself is a cunning and scheming tactician who will use and choose the most terrifying means to achieve what he desires.

Appearance Edit

Iemitsu appears to be a fragile young boy with what silky white hair and purple eyes. His beauty is comparable even to that of Hana and is considered to be an utterly gorgeous bishounen by Chikahito. One can say that his beauty is as striking as his cruel demeanor.

Story Edit

Iemetsu first appear in Chapter 5 where he feign as a sick boy to lower Chikahito's guard. After Iemitsu successfully made contact with Chikahito, he was joined by his loyal retainers Yagyū Jūbei Mitsuyoshi and Tenkai. There, he set his Oni Mitsuha lose to devour the surrounding resident as it pleased.

History Edit

Iemitsu Tokugawa is known for his raise to power after the Sengoku period and his foreign policy that lead to the isolation of Japan from the rest of the world for more than 200 years.

At a young age, Iemitsu was chosen by his grandfather, Ieyasu, to lead as regent after his father Hidetada Tokugawa. Despite being declared heir, his family favored his younger brother, Tadanaga, over him to become the next shogun which cause a huge rivalry between the two. At the age of 19, Iemitsu father stepped down in his favor and he became Shogun of Tokugawa, Regent of Japan. But despite being Shogun, the person with any real power was still his father who rule as an Ōgosho. After the death of his father, Iemitsu immediately took measurements to eliminate his younger brother, Tadanaga, who opposed his regency. He accuse Tadanaga of insanity and strip his brother of all power and property, leading Tadanaga to commit seppuku. With his brother gone, Iemitsu moves towards the court to dismissed all his father's royal advisers and appoint his childhood friend as his next advisers. This cause the other daimyo to be very displease with Iemitsu but he simply removes anyone who stands in his way.

After gaining control of the capital Edo, Iemitsu implemented the sankin-kōtai system to ensure his rule. He forced all the daimyo to stay in Edo a certain amount of time and made them leave their family there. This will allow him to take the daimyo's family hostage should one of them revolt and prevent them from becoming too powerful by making them pay for traveling expense and taking away their time to grow their town.

As Iemitsu rules continue, the foreign interaction between Japan and European nation become increasingly high. Christianity has enter Japan and some daimyos has already converted. As the social stability of Japan begin to deteriorate, Iemitsu immediately place countless edits to ban any foreign interaction. The most severe of his verdict is to deny any ships from leaving Japan and prevent any ships that has left Japan from returning under the penalty of death. The measurements Iemitsu took was so severe that isolation of Japan from the rest of the world lasted for more than 200 years.

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