Hokuto Sumeragi
Hokuto TB
Hokuto Sumeragi
Series: Tokyo Babylon
English Name: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (when deceased)
Birthday: February 19
Other names: Hokuto-chan
Relations: Unnamed Parents
Unnamed Grandmother
Subaru Sumeragi (twin brother)
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Kyoto, Japan
Current status: Deceased
Powers: Twist of Fate and Destiny Manipulation
Basic Sumeragi Onmyōdō techniques
Cast of Spells and Prayers
Summon of spiritual barriers
First Appearance: Tokyo Babylon Volume 1
Last appearance: Tokyo Babylon Volume 7
English voice actor: Jenny Baker (Tokyo Babylon)
Julie Ann Taylor (X TV Series)
Japanese voice actor: Miki Itō (Tokyo Babylon)
Satsuki Yukino(X)
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Hokuto Sumeragi (皇北斗, Sumeragi Hokuto)  is a fictional character created by CLAMP, protagonist of Tokyo Babylon.


​In Tokyo Babylon, Hokuto was about 16 years old. She had straight black hair that fell to her ears and very green eyes. While she lacks most of Subaru's strong spiritualistic abilities, she is still able to cast spells unique to her. She always means well and acts in Subaru's best interests. Hokuto is the designer of the outrageous outfits she and Subaru often don. Hokuto feeling guilty for her promotion of Seishirō, whom she knew to be dangerous, but also believed to be the only one who might touch Subaru's heart, leaves to find Seishirō and confronts him, asking to be killed by him and casting a spell with her death. 


She is quick-witted, bold and impulsive, the polar opposite of Subaru. She was upset when she was saying Subaru goodbye. She was crying, because she knew that she wouldn't see him again. She made a choice, was determined to save him.


Her powers as onmyouji aren't strong, she knows her stuff. She used a couple of spells during the Tokyo Babylon plot. She had already decided to sacrifice herself for her twin brother. She knew of a spell to avoid his death from the hands of the Sakurazukamori. However, she'd had to die in order to make it work. 


Early LifeEdit

Hokuto was born on Febraury 19° on 1974, in Kyoto, Japan; in the Sumeragi clan, with a twin brother, Subaru. Their parents are unknown, the only close relative known is the prior head, Lady Sumeragi, their grandmother and mentor.

When her twin brother, Subaru turn 9 years old and they was separated from each other.

Tokyo BabylonEdit

She is very close to her twin brother Subaru Sumeragi. When they meet Seishirō Sakurazuka, she becomes friends with him. Days past, more and more Hokuto has suspicions about Seishirō. She feels something evil in him. But she doesn’t say anything to her brother in order to protect his love for Seishirō.

Hokuto confort

Hokuto comforting a catatonic Subaru before confronting Seishiro

It’s been a year Hokuto and Subaru met Seishirō, she learns that he wants to kill Subaru. Hokuto intervenes and uses a technique. She is killed by Seishirō but she reveals that if Seichiro tries to kill Subaru as he killed her then the attack will return against him and Seishirō will be killed. Seishirō doesn’t understand why she reveals this technique. Hokuto explains she knows they loves each other and she wants they live together forever because everybody has the right to love and to be loved.



While she was still alive, Hokuto became friends with Kakyō after the dreamgazer drew her into his dreams. Being the first person he ever really met, she left a lasting impression on Kakyō. Hokuto is the reason he wants to die so he can join her in the afterlife. 


She appears in his reminiscence, while towards the end of the anime she actually appears to him as a ghost and persuades him to turn against Fūma in order to attempt to change the future. Kakyō enables her to cross into her brother's dreams, where she urges Subaru to rise from his catatonia and continue the fight, an important action that later buys Kamui enough time to understand what he should do.

In other mediaEdit


She is mentioned by Yuuko Ichihara. She told Watanuki that some time ago she met two young, twin yin-yang masters, two onmyoyi, a boy and a girl.

CLAMP in WonderlandEdit

Subaru wonderland1

A gleeful cat Hokuto saves Subaru

She dress as catgirl who appears from behind with a giant mallet, smashing Seishiro and saving Subaru.

CLAMP in Wonderland 2Edit

Subaru wonderland2

Subaru, Hokuto and Seishiro's reaction at Mokona

She and Subaru are marveled when the weird Mokona Modoki breaks into Seishiro's consultory. After the assasain vet tries to malefically sting the strange creatures with injections, they escape, leaving Seishiro dissapointed, Subaru relieved, and Hokuto very excited.