Series: X/1999
English Name: {{{ename}}}
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Other names: Princess Hinoto
Relations: Kanoe (younger sister; deceased)
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Current status: Deceased (Movie)

Unknown (Manga)

Deceased (Anime)

Powers: Dreamseer

Has powers to future

First Appearance: {{{first}}}
Last appearance: {{{last}}}
English voice actor: Bridget Hoffman (X/1999 TV Series)

Stacey Jefferson (X Movie)

Japanese voice actor: Aya Hisakawa (X/1999 TV Series)

Yuko Minaguchi (X Movie)

Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Hinoto is a dreamseer in the employ of the Japanese government, residing in the basement of the Japanese Diet Building.


She is blind, deaf, mute, crippled, and must communicate telepathically, but her dreams have never failed to come true. She foresees the battle between the Dragons of Heaven and Earth and the advent of Kamui, but cannot determine which path he will choose. Either way, she foresees that the Dragons of Heaven will lose, but conceals this from them. For a time, she is possessed by her dark half, which causes a disastrous battle to occur within Hinoto's own consciousness (played out on the dreamscape), as well as many complications for the Dragons of Heaven. The rationale for Hinoto's dark half attempting to destroy Kamui and the other Dragons of Heaven seems to stem from the fact that she foresaw her own death at the hands of Kamui. While Hinoto's good side seems to desire this outcome (either for the simple fact that she wishes to be freed from her duties as a dreamseer, or possibly in that her death could somehow alter the future in favor of the Dragons of Heaven), her evil side is striving to prevent her own death at the expense of the lives of others, and as a result repeatedly attacks the Dragons of Heaven with swarms of Skikigami.

Her evil persona has kept her good persona trapped in the dreamscape and continues to set up the Dragons of Heaven in hopes of bringing about their deaths. Kamui suspects her of foul play and relays this to Sorata, who creates a gohōdōji to observe her, which is last seen confronting her for her actions.

X/1999 MangaEdit

X MovieEdit

In the movie, she dies while holding Kanoe's dead body (as she was killed earlier by Fūma) as the Diet Building collapses around her.

X AnimeEdit

In the television series, she kills herself in the dreamscape (thus taking her life in the waking world as well) so as to end her possession and save Kamui. This precipitates the Final Battle.

Powers & AblitiesEdit

  • Third Eye- With her third eye, Hinoto can see the future, see people’s dreams, bring people into a dream, show them a vision and see everyone everywhere.
  • Telepathy- Hinoto can communicate by telepathy with everyone.
  • Shiki- She can create shiki which can transform into animals or persons.
  • Immortality- She cannot grow old.

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