Himawari Kunogi
Himawari Kunogi
Himawari Kunogi as she appears in xxxHOLiC
Series: xxxHOLiC

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (cameo, manga only)

English Name: Himawari Kunogi
Gender: Female
Age: (xxxHOLiC): 15-17

(xxxHOLiC•Rou): 25-27

Birthday: November 27
Other names: N/A
Relations: Parents (Deceased)

Grandmother (Deceased) Unnamed Husband (Alive, xxxHOLiC•Rou)

Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Current status: Alive
Powers: Unnatural Bad Luck
First Appearance: xxxHOLiC manga: Chapter 1

xxxHOLiC anime: Episode 1 Tsubasa manga: Chapter 192

Last appearance: N/A
English voice actor: Cherami Leigh
Japanese voice actor: Shizuka Itō
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Himawari Kunogi is a fictional character created by CLAMP and appears in their series xxxHOLiC.

Himawari is a friend and schoolmate of Watanuki and Doumeki and the object of Watanuki's affection. Ever since she was born, she was cursed with bad luck that affected everyone around her. The only people would be immune to Himawari's bad luck would be her parents as they brought her into the world, but both are already deceased.


Himawari is defined as a beautiful high school student who is always smiling. She wears her uniform most of the time she appears and rarely is seen with another dress. She has long curly hair which ends under her waist tied in two pigtails since she was a child but later she let goes her hair to cover her scars from her back. Also she has a shapely body which can be noticed in the last few volumes since almost three years pass before Vol. 16 and Himawari is still a teenager.


She always smiles and keeps a positive attitude to the point that when she watches Watanuki and Doumeki fighting, she thinks they are playing together. Later on the series, it´s revealed that she always keeps her smile even when she is saying something really disturbing to hide the fact that everyone who becomes her company or aquaintance ends in disaster. She always show an innocent mind but she is more mature than Watanuki and understand his feelings about her since they met and when Doumeki or Watanuki says something complicated, she clarifies it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As Yuko has previously stated, Himawari is a normal human. She possesses no special powers or unusual abilities. In chapter 118, Himawari explains to Watanuki that he is not the only one affected by the bad luck she seems to bring. Since childhood, no matter where Himawari goes, unfortunate things seem to happen. By simply picking up a ball near her home, the house next door became the target of arson. People she was connected to were hurt, including all her friends, a girl in the neighbourhood who ended up committing suicide, and her class teacher was stabbed by his wife when he was caught in an affair.

Concerned that Himawari may be possessed or using occult magic, her grandmother took her to a priest who found nothing evil attached to her. While this was the priest's conclusion, he regarded Himawari sadly and informed her grandmother that the only people immune to Himawari's tendency to bring bad luck were her parents by virtue of the fact they brought her into this world. Not long afterwards, Himawari's grandmother died; though Himawari realizes her grandmother was ill and also elderly, she believes that she contributed to her grandmother's death.

At the beginning of the series, her bad luck affected Watanuki indirectly, she makes Watanuki watch people get killed or found corpses. Later when she touch him a dark miasma cover Watanuki and hurt him when he can have an accident. It´s also metioned that her bad luck is away when Doumeki is close to her because his pure aura. Himawari is more affected by her bad luck like everyone else, she watch people get hurt and even the ones who stay with here can´t see her anymore like when Watanuki became the shop owner, she can´t see him anymore because her bad luck doesn´t let her enter to the shop without being hurt.




In the beginning of the manga when Himawari was first introduced Yuuko had already said that Himawari was "not Watanuki's goddess of good luck" and this has been suggested strongly throughout subsequent storylines. During the case of the Lady with Bad Habits, Watanuki met up with Himawari just before the girl was killed in a car accident (this scene was altered in the anime to exclude Himawari's presence and to let the girl survive). After, in the Monkey's Paw case, the university student-teacher at some point drops the item in the school hallway. Being nearby, Himawari offers to help pick it up. At the moment she touches the item, the seal of the monkey's paw opens resulting in the student-teacher's high curiosity only to lead to her tragic fate. Even more alluding to Himawari's role against luck, the student-teacher often ironically boasted about her case of lucky streaks before her death.

In the 100 Ghost Stories chapter, Yuuko said that "all the players" were present; being Watanuki, Doumeki, herself, the dead man in the other room and Himawari. Each had a role to play, as Yuko explained at the end of the ceremony. While she mentions that Watanuki and Doumeki were necessary to draw out and then exorcise the spirit while Yuuko herself was required to explain what they needed to do, she fails to reveal Himawari's role because Doumeki has returned with sake, Yuko's favorite drink.

Yuuko did not further comment what role Himawari was to play in that group. Himawari's presence seems to always foreshadow bad luck, such was when Watanuki has a seemingly prophetic dream on the day he gave his eye to the spider, in which he saw Himawari through half of his vision. The Ame-Warashi is cautious of her presence (Although it may just be because Himawari's name means 'Sunflower' while Ame-Warashi is a rain sprite). Speculations may also add that Doumeki himself may know/feel something strange about Himawari since he has always accompanied Watanuki whenever the two should be alone. By chapter 116 of the manga Watanuki was slowly sensing the difference in Himawari.

In chapter 118, after Watanuki nearly died after falling from the 2nd story of their school, Himawari for the first time was seen inside Yuuko's shop to pay the price to stop Watanuki from death. It is here revealed that she is aware to the fact she is bad luck not only to Watanuki, but to everyone around her and has since been waiting for him to point it out.

After this incident, she tried to say goodbye for the last time to Watanuki; however, Watanuki refused to let her go and slightly confesses to her that he likes being with her and that her presence makes him happy. Himawari reluctantly agreed to continue being friends with him and is seen crying out of happiness because it was the first time anyone told her that they were happy to be with her. It was at this moment where it is shown the price she paid to prevent Watanuki from dying is by forever bearing all of his scars from the fall. Subsequently, Himawari lets her hair down (as opposed to tying two long ponytails), likely to hide the scars from Watanuki lest he gets upset. Recently Watanuki gave Himawari a magical bird that according to Yuuko, is immune to her bad luck (it is revealed that her "power" also does not affect Doumeki). Himawari asked him to give a name to it and Watanuki chose to name him "Tanpopo" (the Japanese name for dandelion) because of its yellow color.

It is revealed in Chapter 209/Volume 18 of the manga that Himawari is married with a businessman who knows about Watanuki and accept their friendship.


Kimihiro WatanukiEdit

Watanuki is Himawari´s classmate and a close friend of her. In the beginning of the manga, Himawari show some interest in Watanuki like asking him to go out with her and lunch together. Her interaction with Watanuki and Doumeki is the same, whenever she have the chance for being alone with Watanuki they are interrupt by Doumeki and when she talks to Doumeki and show some interest on him, they are interrupt by Watanuki. After putting Watanuki in some misfortune situations, she starts to avoid been alone with him to protect him from her bad luck while secretly hoping one day he would notice it and leave her but after Watanuki confess her that he is truly happy to meet her, she decide to continue being her friend. Himawari cares very much for Watanuki as it can be seen when she gets worry about him and scares when Watanuki put his own life in danger and make him promise to her that he won´t push himself too hard. Some volumes after the accident, Watanuki becomes smart enough to realize when Himawari is trying to avoid him and he doesn´t give her the chance to run away from him. Now that she doesn´t have the chance to escape, she decide to accept his invitations to spend more time together.

In xxxHolic Rou, Himawari and Watanuki grow apart because Himawari misfortune is bad for the shop and for her own sake so she promises that she will only visit the shop on his birthday. Himawari confess her feelings to Watanuki and they start a long-distance relationship and talk via telephone. 10 years later, Himawari gets marry with somebody else who knows about Watanuki and accept their relationship but they are not able to meet each other because her husband can´t enter to the shop and Watanuki can´t leave.

Shizuka DoumekiEdit

Much to Watanuki's jealousy and annoyance, Doumeki hangs around her and Watanuki at every chance when they could be alone. Nonetheless, Himawari treats them equally as friends and often teases or compliments on how the two get along but sometimes when she speaks or thinks about Doumeki, she shows a deeply admiration hinting that she may have a crush on him. Doumeki is one of the few that can actually sense the difference in Himawari, he is also aware of Watanuki's feelings for her. He seems to keep a close eye on Watanuki and Himawari when they are together since Watanuki often gets affected by her bad luck. He is also helping her to be more open about hanging out with them rather than hiding and running away from her friends. At the ending, their relationship hasn't change at all even when they started to hang out along and visit each other since Watanuki wasn't able to leave the shop.

Yuuko IchiharaEdit

Himawari is a person that Yuuko is fascinated with, much to the annoyance of Watanuki; because Yuuko always teases him that she is not his "Goddess of Luck". She was quick to notice bad luck around Himawari, but treated her with good cheer and even invited her on small picnics and outings she sets up for the trio. Mokona, being cute as she is, can always be seen playing with Himawari when they meet. The two of them do not seem to be affected by Himawari's bad luck.


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