Hidetsugu Toyotomi
Hidetsugu Toyotomi
豊臣 秀次
Series: Gate 7
English Name: None
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Other names: Miyoshi Nobuyoshi
Relations: None
Residence: Unknown
Current status: Alive
Powers: Oni Mikoto: Foresight, Fortune Telling
First Appearance: Gate 7 Manga Chapter 2
Last appearance: Latest Chapter
English voice actor: None
Japanese voice actor: None
Korean voice actor: None

Hidetsugu Toyotomi is a historical figure that appears in Gate 7, a manga created by the mangaka group, CLAMP. In the manga, he is leader of the Toyotomi and the owner of Urashichiken.

Personality Edit

At first sight, Hidetsugu seems like a kind and generous person. Although for the most part it is true, Hidetsugu can be quite cunning and perceptive with everything around him. He seems to always be smiling with confidence all the time with no sign of wavering.

Appearance Edit

Hidetsugu is shown to have black hair and a tall built. He is always seen with a smile and his Oni around him.

Powers Edit

Hidetsugu's Oni Mikoto has the power to attack with words. She can form weapons with words to attack his enemies. However, her true power lies in prediction and foretelling.

Story Edit

Hidetsugu Toyotomi first appear in Chapter 2 of Gate 7 when Chikahito is out with Hana for a delivery. It turns out that the package Hana needs to deliver is Chikahito himself. After bringing Chikahito to Hidetsugu, all three of them went for noodles at a restaurant. There, Hidetsugu begin to exam Chikahito and question why Hana took an interest in Chikahito. Hana replied that Chikahito is the same as her. In order to confirm Hana's analysis, Hidetsugu brought out his Oni Mikoto to predict Chikahito's fate and existence.

After using her power, Mikoto stated that Chikahito's fate is "not" or "nothing" which is the same as Hana's fate. Mikoto then explain that despite them being both "nothing," their "nothing" is quite different from each other. Hana's "nothing" is the ability to become anything. She is nothing so therefore she can become anything. Chikahito's "nothing" on the other hand is the inability to become anything. He is nothing there fore he can't become anything. They are both "not" but there "not" works in total opposites of each other. After understanding the nature of Chikahito's power, they all left the restaurant and went to visit Hidetsugu's grave. There, Hidetsugu ask Chikahito as to why the past Hidetsugu died during the Sengoku period. Chikahito answered that Hidetsugu committed seppuku after being falsely accuse of a rebellion. After testing Chikahito's knowledge, Hidetsugu went on to explain why his entire family was killed during the Sengoku period despite it being only him who was accuse of rebelling. Hidetsugu explain to Chikahito that it's because of blood. During the Sengoku era, every Daimyo had an Oni which is the source of their leadership and strength. Once a contract is made, the Oni will be passed down to the person who has the purest blood of the person who originally made the contract. In order to ensure that the Toyotomi's Oni does not go to Hidetsugu's family, his entire family was killed during the Sengoku period. But despite being killed in his past life, Hidetsugu manage to obtain the Toyotomi's Oni in this life. But that is not Hidetsugu's goal. What Hidetsugu wanted was the strongest Oni. The Oni by the name of Dairo-Kuten Maou who belonged to Oda Nabunaga himself. After explaining this to Chikahito, the three of them suddenly got attacked by Akechi. Hidetsugu took refuge towards his Oni as Hana get ready to engage in battle with Akechi.

History Edit

Hidetsugu Toyotomi is the nephew and retainer of Hideyoshi Toyotomi during the Sengoku period. After losing his first heir, Hideyoshi named Hidetsugu his next successor to become Daimyo of the Toyotomi and regent of Japan. Three years later, Hideyoshi had a second son. Wanting his son to succeed after him, Hideyoshi plot a plan to eliminate Hidetsugu.

Soon after Hideyoshi second son was born, false rumors of Hidetsugu committing unjust murder begin to spread, earning him the name sesshō-kanpaku. When the rumor finally reach its peak, Hidetsugu was accuse of plotting a rebellion and was force to commit seppuku. His entire family was executed including women and children in a total of 39 people.

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