Fuuma Monou
Series: X

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

English Name: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 16-17
Birthday: {{{bday}}}
Other names: Kamui of the Dragons of Earth

Dark Kamui

Relations: Kotori Monou (younger sister)

Seishirou Sakurazuka ((Older Brother, Tsubasa only) Kyougo Monou (father)

Saya Monou (mother)

Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Current status: Unknown (manga)

Alive (anime)

Deceased (movie)

Alive (TRC)

Powers: Inter-dimensional Travel (TRC)
First Appearance: X/1999 episode 1

/1999 Ch. 1

Tsubasa Ch.109

TRC Tokyo Revelations Episode 1

Last appearance: X/1999 episode 26

X/1999 Ch. ?

TRC Tokyo Revelations Episode 2 Tsubasa Ch. ?

English voice actor: Crispin Freeman (TV series)

Adam Henderson (Movie)

Joel McDonald (Tsubasa)

Japanese voice actor: Junichi Suwabe (TV series)

Ken Narita (Movie)

Yūji Kishi (Tsubasa)

Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Fuuma Monou is the main antagonist of X/1999. Like the other characters, he cross-over Tsubasa Chronicle as Seishirou's brother which is also a hunter. He has antoher incarnation of himself appears in Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE.


Fuuma's name was written as 桃生 封真. The first kanji on the name Fuuma is 封 = fuu, means 'seal'. While the next one is 真= ma, means 'true' or 'real'. In short, his name means 'sealed truth' which is applied specifically with his role in several ways that involves his fated role as Kamui's twin star and that his true destiny was known only by a few.The name Monou is composed of the kanjis 桃 = momo means 'peach' and 生 = nama that may means 'raw' or 'birth'.


Fuuma is in fact like any other characters in the series. Tall, broad shoulders and thick eyebrows. His eyes are deep gold in color while Kamui's eyes are amber in color, which are his eyes on the manga. His hair like any others are black in color, tousled and both swishy and spiky. Fuuma is probably six feet in height and indeed taller than Kamui by more than 5 inches.


Fuuma was indeed a responsible son and an affectionate older brother. Everyone in his town depended on Fuuma as their role model and others even took pride in him because of his overwhelming kindness in helping other people. Fuuma at first appears to be cold and stoic but Kotori defines him as a person that never talks about his feelings out loud, but just hides them inside like animals do.

During his school life, Fuuma was indeed considered popular by others, in large part due to his great skills as a basketball player. But until the time Kamui made his choice to become the Dragon of Heaven, Fuuma's personality with thought a complete change. He quickly became as cold as ice. And is willy to kill other people as long as it is their heart's desire and continue fulfilling the people's wish. But sometimes, when the topic is Kamui, he happens to have his normal smile as his true self, a smile that Fuuma does have.


Fuuma's powers only awaken by the second arc of the anime and manga. It was shown that like the others, he can leap to far and high places that regular humans couldn't possible reach, and also to heal much faster than an ordinary human. Being Kamui's twin star, he is also gifted with a telekinetic power, which allows him to move objects with his mind, as well as to be a skilled swordsman bestowed with an identical sword such as Kamui. His distinct power though among others is that Fuuma grants other's wishes and know their greatest desires. It is in a sense that he has the ability to look like other people that once a person saw him, he ends up looking like that person's most desired person to meet or someone that that individual indeed loves. He possess the unique ability to know everyone's wish which is why he can give it to them at anytime. But as a drawback, he only knows what other people's wishes are, like the wish of Kamui, but he himself isn't aware what his wish might be.






In other mediaEdit

Fuma in tsubasa volume 17 deluxe edition

Fuuma, seen in Tsubasa, Reservoir Chronilce

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Fuuma make short cameos in TRC. But he exhibits an important role in the said series. Fuuma appears as Seishirou's younger brother, a hunter just like his brother does. Like Kamui, he isn't a resident in Tokyo, he arrives there four years before the Tsubasa group arrives. He appears to be a little friendly than Kamui. He search for valuable items and works under Yuuko before. He is the leader of the Tower group and appears to have one of Sakura's feathers. In one world, Fuuma and Seishirou meets and his brother appears to age slowly and have one of the princess' feather as well. In that world as well, Fuuma learns about the pair of vampire twins and meet Kamui in Tokyo alone without his twin Subaru.

CLAMP in WonderlandEdit

CLAMP in Wonderland 1Edit

In CLAMP in Wonderland,

CLAMP in Wonderland 2Edit

In CLAMP in Wonderland 2, 

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