Fuu Hououji
Magic Knight of Wind, Fuu Hououji
Series: Magic Knight Rayearth
English Name: Anemone Hououji
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: December 12
Other names: Anais Araujo (Latin American Dub)
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Current status:
First Appearance:
Last appearance:
English voice actor: Bridget Hoffman (series)
Lisa Ortiz (OVA)
Japanese voice actor: Hiroko Kasahara
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Fuu Hououji (鳳凰寺 風 Hōōji Fū) is a fictional character from the anime/manga series Magic Knight Rayearth (created by Clamp). She's one of the three protagonists of the series and wields the element of Wind.


Fuu is often considered "the smart, calm one" and "the polite one" (calling people with the suffix -san or "Mr" or "Miss") between the trio although she has an odd sense of humor.


Fuu is a girl with a blonde hair who always wears glasses. She has several outfits and armors worn in the series.


Fuu's magics revolves around the Wind Element. Her spells include:

  • Winds of Healing (Iyashi no Kaze): A healing spell. Fuu covers her target with soothing winds, healing them.
  • Emerald Typhoon (Midori no Shippu): Fuu's first and most used attack spell. She sends out a strong gust of wind towards the enemy.
  • Winds of Admonishment(Imashime no Kaze): Fuu covers her enemies within winds and immobilized them.
  • Winds of Protection (Mamori no Kaze) Fuu protects herself and her allies with a barrier of wind.
  • Emerald Cyclone (Midori no Zenpuu): This spell was made in the anime only. Basically, it's Fuu's strongest attack spell which spends out simultaneous gusts of wind that seem as sharp as blades.

Because Fuu is attributed to Wind, her magic is mainly used for defense. Her attributed wind may also be a factoring reason why she has the most spells.

Magic Knight Rayearth IEdit

Fuu attended a private school for intellectually gifted children. She was on a school trip to Tokyo Tower when she saw an energetic girl enjoying the scenery through the telescope. This girl is Hikaru Shidou, though Fuu didn't know her. When she saw her running out of money to continue viewing, Fuu approached her and gave her spare tokens to continue the journey. Only moments after she left, she heard a voice calling her out as Magic Knight. In instant, along with Hikaru and another girl named Umi Ryuuzaki, Fuu was transported to Cephiro. Despite everyone else looking panicked, Fuu remained calm and was the one to initiate the three to introduce each other. The girls met the Master Mage Clef shortly after and he told them the plight of Cephiro, starting from Princess Emeraude's imprisonment by High Priest Zagato. The only way for them to go home was to save Cephiro. Fuu decided to just "play along", unlike Hikaru who was more than willing to save Cephiro, or Umi who kept insisting to return back to Earth. Unfortunately, Zagato's minion Alcyone attacked them and the girls had to flee. She gave pursuit, but was eventually driven back by Hikaru's magic. The girls were soon sent to Legendary Spring of Eterna by Presea to obtain the Legendary Minerals of Escudo. On the way, while traveling inside the Forest of Silence, they met a swordsman named Ferio whom Fuu eventually persuaded into their bodyguards. After this, the outcome differed between the anime and manga. The girls eventually obtained the mineral of Escudo and brought them back to Presea. In the anime, she's killed by Ascot's monsters while completing the weapons, but in the manga, the attack didn't exist. The girls now journeyed to revive the Rune-Gods. As they journeyed they grew into best friends. In the anime only, the girls decided to use the box Ferio gave to them. It turned out to be a communicating device to Ferio himself, and while Hikaru and Umi's wishes were deemed to be "stupid and loud" by Ferio, he was stunned with Fuu's wish, who just wanted him to be safe. The girls later met Ferio again, secretly under the contract of Ascot to lure the girls to the desert. Although it looked like he would betray them, he ended up helping them. Unfortunately for him, Ascot caught him red-handed and used him as a hostage to lure the girls again. During the night, Fuu left her friends alone to save Ferio. They ended up helping each other to survive, and eventually after Ferio used himself as a bait to the monster, which was sensitive to sounds, using Hikaru and Umi's wishes recorded in his communicator, and told Fuu to run, she didn't run and resolved to fight. This results her sword to evolve and finished Ascot's monster in one blow. Afterwards, Ferio left again, but he would occasionally help the girls. Fuu was the second to revive her Rune-God, Windam. The events differ greatly between the anime and manga. Eventually, the girls were able to revive all the Rune-Gods and defeated Zagato. However, this just incited the anger of Emeraude, who had fallen in love with Zagato. The Magic Knights were attacked, and after Emeraude told them the whole truth and the purpose of her summoning was to kill her, the girls had no choice but to kill her. Emeraude was at peace and the girls returned to their world. However, their hearts were filled with grief due to the shockingly sad event.

Magic Knight Rayearth IIEdit

While returning to Earth, Fuu acted rather normal, but she still harbored her grief within her heart. Eventually she revisited Tokyo Tower to reunite with Hikaru and Umi. After Hikaru declared that she wanted to return to Cephiro, they were brought there in an instant. The exception was that due to the lack of Pillar (Emeraude's position) the world was in crumbling state and three other worlds, Autozam, Chizeta, and Fahren, attempted to take over. The girls must defend Cephiro and look for a new Pillar before Cephiro crumbled. In these series of events, Fuu helped in defending Cephiro. She also found out that Ferio was actually the little brother of Emeraude, making him Cephiro's Prince. In the anime, more depth was given. When Hikaru's sword was broken thanks to Nova, Umi and Fuu was left to defend Cephiro on their own. Unfortunately, she was captured by the Fahren faction. In there, she struck a deal with its ruler Lady Aska into an archery match. If she wins, she's about to be freed but if she lost, they can do whatever they like. Fuu ended up winning and told Aska the truth of being the Pillar of Cephiro, which cast doubts on Aska's ambitions. Just then, Ferio busted in to save Fuu. However, her words eventually made Aska cancel her dream to take over Cephiro's Pillar position, knowing that she still love Fahren. Fuu later joined Hikaru and Umi to destroy the individual behind the chaos, Debonair. When they did, they returned to Earth, unable to come back to Cephiro anymore. However, they were satisfied that Cephiro returned to its peaceful state and beautiful form, and it was able to function on their own. Then the three returned to their world. (in the manga, the girls were mentioned to be able to return to Cephiro whenever they want)


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