Fai D. Flourite
Fai 1
Fai as he appears is Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Series: Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
English Name: Fai D. Flourite
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (presumed to be hundreds of years old)

Physical age: 23

Birthday: N/A
Other names: Fay D. Flowright/Flourite (Alternate Spelling)

Fye D. Flowright/Flourite (Alternate spelling)

Yui (Real name)

Big Cat


Relations: Fai (Twin brother; Deceased)

Fai's mother (Deceased)

Residence: Valeria Country (Past/Birth Residence)

Celes Country (Past Residence)

Current status: Alive/Active
Powers: High-Level Magic

Lengthened longevity

Fingernail talons (vampiric ability)

First Appearance: TRC Anime: Episode 1

TRC Manga: Chapter 2

Last appearance: TRC Anime: Tsubasa Shunraiki:Episode 2
English voice actor: Vic Mignogna
Japanese voice actor: Daisuke Namikawa
Korean voice actor: {{{koreanvoice}}}

Fai D. Flourite is a fictional character made by CLAMP and appears in their work, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. He was born in the country Valeria but later moved to the country Celes. His wish to The Dimensional Witch was that he could go to any world besides his own, his price: the tattoo on his back which suppressed his magical growth. It is later discovered that his real name is Yuui and that Fai was the name of his twin brother who had died.





When Fai's past is finally revealed, it's known that his real name is Yuui. It is shown that "Yuui" was born in Valeria Country, with a twin named Fai. Though the birth of the second prince's son was highly anticipated, the birth of twins was considered to be a bad omen. Shortly after their birth, the second prince died, and their mother committed suicide out of guilt for giving birth to them. In addition, the country suffered many misfortunes, and the twins, when combined, bore powerful magic that rivaled that of the current king.

The king decided that making them unhappy was the only way to break the "curse", and since each refused to kill the other, they were locked up separately in a place where magic is ineffective and time does not flow: a tower residing in a deep valley. Fai was imprisoned atop the tower, and Yuui was confined at the base of the tower. Both were condemned to stay there "until the world's destruction."

Despite their unhappiness, the number of bodies dumped into the base of the tower began to grow. Yuui tried endlessly to climb up towards Fai, so they could escape, but he did not succeed. Eventually, the king became insane, and he executed everyone in the country, except for Yuui and Fai. He then jumped into the valley himself and committed suicide in front of a horrified Yuui, reminding him that their birth was the reason for the country's misfortune, and that they would now "pay for that sin" by being the only people alive in Valeria.

Eventually, Fei Wong Reed appeared from another world, and offered to free one of them. Fai chose to save Yuui, resulting in Fai being thrown from the tower to his death. Fei Wong then tampered with Yuui's memory to make him think that Yuui had chosen to save himself at the cost of his brother's life, allowing Fei Wong to use his guilt in order to turn him into his servant. In order to bring his twin back to life, Yuui allowed Fei Wong to bestow two curses upon him, one of which was removed from Yuui's memory. Fei Wong then told Yuui that someone would free him from the valley, and that he would have to go on a journey, protecting "a princess" (Sakura), and killing any obstacles along the way. Fei Wong then tells Yuui that when he finds a magical feather, he should put it into Fai's body to prevent it from rotting, and that he should begin his journey when he finds a second feather, which he should give to Sakura.

Later, King Ashura came to Valeria from another world in order to retrieve Yuui and took him to Celes. When Ashura asked what Yuui's name was, Yuui said "Fai". Ashura later gave Fai the last name "Flourite", the name of a precious talisman mineral, and he eventually earned the title 'D', given to the highest magician in Celes. And thus, Yuui became the protagonist "Fai D. Flourite". He found his two feathers while helping villagers during an avalanche, and decided to use one to create a person in his mother's image; Chi.

Ashura eventually tutored Fai in magic and comforted him whenever he felt unable to overcome his dark past. When Fai discovered that he could only learn "magic that kills people", Ashura told him that his smile held the ability to heal others. In exchange for everything that he had done for him, Ashura asked Fai to promise that he would eliminate anyone who threatened Celes.

Due to Fai's first curse, Ashura traced a magical seal on Fai's body in the form of a Phoenix tattoo, which suppressed his powers from growing any further, and though Fai protested, Ashura told him that Fai's first curse would break after it was fulfilled once, and he wanted to be the one that Fai would kill. Ashura then erased what he had told him from Fai's memory.

Several years later, a mysterious and deadly monster began to kill Celes's innocent civilians. Fai swore to defeat the beast, but found out that Ashura was the monster. Fai, at first, blamed himself for what happened to Ashura, thinking that "the curse of the twins" was what had caused Ashura to kill, but Ashura told him that his magic grows when he kills, and that he always knew that he would become a murderer, even though he was not sure why. Fai realized that Ashura had brought him under his care for the sole purpose of killing him when he reached this state. Unable to bring himself to kill Ashura, Fai cast a spell on him, putting him into a deep sleep. However, no magic spell was permanent, so the king would eventually awaken. In order to avoid having to face Ashura when he woke, Fai used his magic to teleport himself to the Dimensional Witch, where he began his journey.

Syaoran reveals that Fai's past may have been changed after Syaoran created the distortion due to his turning back time, and that Fai might have been born originally without a twin.




Kurogane is often the victim of Fai's teasings and name calling.The nicknames Fai gives Kurogane in the manga are kuro-tan, kuro-rin, kuro-pippi, big puppy, kuro-san, kuro-sama, kuro woof, kuro-woof-woof, kuro-pyon, kuro-chu, kuro-puu, kuro-pii, Kuro-chan, Kuro-daddy, kuro-chi, kuro-pin, kuro-min, kuro-bun, kuro-mi, kuro-pon, kuro-myuu, kuro-run, kuro-ruu, kuro-poppo, kuro-ryun, and Father(otou-san).



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