Date Masamune
GATE7 CHARA.Masamune
伊達 政宗
Series: Gate 7
English Name: None
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Birthday: 13 years old.
Other names: None
Relations: None
Residence: Kyoto, Japan
Current status: Alive
Powers: Oni Kurikara
First Appearance: Chapter 4
Last appearance: Latest Chapter
English voice actor: None
Japanese voice actor: None
Korean voice actor: None

Date Masamune (伊達 政宗) is a historical character that appears in Gate 7, a manga created by the artist group, CLAMP. Date Masamune is a young boy in his first year of middle school.

Personality Edit

Rash in nature, Masamune tends to act before thinking. He is very childish and bratty comparable to his age. Masamune has a crush on Hana and always tries to kiss her upon seeing her. Despite his childlike personality and free will nature, Masamune can be serious when he needs to be. He may act harsh but he's not merciless. He even went as far as allowing Gracia to live under Chikahito's request after she attacked them.

Appearance Edit

Date Masamune appear as a young boy with a trouble making yet innocent look. He always has in eye-patch on, covering his right eye. Masamune has a bang of white spiky hair on the front and black wavy hair towards the back. His left eye is gray and his right eye is cover with an eye-patch.

Power Edit

Date may seem little but he is a fierce warrior. With his Oni Kurikara, he is able to slash fire and even summon mystical beasts to attack his opponent. Even without his Oni, Date can still maneuver himself quickly with his great reflex and body movement.

Kurikara Edit

Date's Oni in the form of a sword. Despite being a weapon, Kurikara has a will of its own, allowing only Date and Kojuro to posses him. Kurikara is a powerful sword but requires a huge amount of human spirit. In order to channel itself with enough power, Kurikara is held within Kojuro's body. Thus, Kojuro's body serve as the scabbard of Kurikara.

Garyou Housuu Edit

A slash that summons a dragon to attack his enemy. Garyou Housuu is the name Date gave to this power. Garyou Housuu is translated as the Sleeping Dragon (Garyou) and the Fledgling Phoenix (Housuu). These two entity is a reference to the great Kong Ming (Zhuge Liang) and Pang Tong from the Three Kingdoms Era of China. During the Three Kingdoms Era, it is said that who ever has the Garyou Housuu will be the one to unite the land. Zhuge Liang was refer to as the sleeping dragon or crouching dragon for obtaining his talent and wisdom in isolation. His ability to self learn without exploring outside his domain earned him the name sleeping dragon. Pang Tong on the other hand, was a young talent. He was not very good with the political aspect of a kingdom as do Zhuge Liang but his talent as a military strategist was unequal. Thus earning him the name Fledgling Phoenix for showing great talent at a young age. Date most likely used this name to compare himself to Pang Tong since Date is a child and he consider his self to have great talent military wise.

Story Edit

Date first appear in Chapter 4 where Hidetsugu, Hana, and Chikahito were being attacked by Akechi Mitsuhide. Date jumped in to save both of them from Akechi's attack. Akechi decided to make a strategic retreat soon after. With Akechi gone, Date rush towards Hana to give her a kiss. Then he turn his attention towards Chikahito who he found out had also kissed Hana before. Date then point Kurikara at Chikahito to eliminate a potential love rival but was immediate stopped by Kojuro. After putting away Kurikara, Date and Kojuro head towards Urashichiken where they can discuss about Iemitsu Tokugawa and Oda Nobunaga's Oni Dairokuten-Maō.

History Edit

Date Masamune is known for his strikingly unique appearance as a daimyou and for his service under Hideyoshi Toyotomi and then Ieyasu Tokugawa. Date wears a samurai armor clad in black steel under his crescent moon helmet. As fierce as he looks, what makes Date stands out even more is the eye-patch he wore on his missing right eye. Date lost his right eye to small pox at a young age. It is said that he pulled out his own eye when one of his officer pointed out that an enemy could grab on to it during a fight.

Ruling as a daimyou, Date Masamune was an ambitious and reckless person. He suffered a numbers of defeat due to his rash decision and poor judgement. This was later fixed by Kukuro who became Date's adviser and strategist.

Under Hideyoshi, Date receive a good amount of land including Iwatesawa castle which he renamed to Iwadeyama. Soon after, Date went to participate in the Korean Invasion campaign on Hideyoshi's request. Date and his followers made a name for themselves during the Korean Invasion and returned home to reap their reward. Within 13 years, Date turned Iwadeyama into a prosperous land, center of both economic and political capital.

After the death of Hideyoshi, Date begin to support Ieyasu Tokugawa and his rise to power as Shogun. It is said that Kojuro was the one who advice Date to join with Tokugawa. At the Seige of Osaka, Date who fought on Tokugawa side, engage in battle with Sanada Yukimura and landed a great victory. With his success, Tokugawa awarded Date a huge Sendai Domain of 640,000 koku which made Date one of the most powerful daimyou in Japan. But being so powerful abrupt the suspicion of rebellion from other daimyou. Even Ieyasu himself was worried that Date might one day, rise against him. But despite the many rumors, Date remain loyal and serve his country well.

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