Cluster by Clamp Vol 0

Published by Shigikensa from 1990 to 1995. This manga was finished by Akiyama Tamayo.

Volumes: 7 (1 extra)


Three sister princesses live in a planet surrounded by other twelve; in the Central Planet "Celestial" where princesses are from. One day, the oldest sister leaves to training but never comes back, since the second sister is sick, the youngest, innocent and happy Karena goes in a search of her oldest sister. In her path she has dreams about a sinister man and her sister. Later on she finds him but finds that he has a double personality issue (one is sweet, kind, the other wants to seduce her), she also finds a mage who falls in love with her at first sight and a knight with a "play-boy" complex that of course wants to seduce Karena as well. Karena has a likeness to a female character from CLAMP Cops Duklyon.