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CCS Clow Card Back

The back of a regular Clow Card

The Clow Cards (クローカード), later the Sakura Cards (サクラカード), are magical cards that are one of the focal points of the series Cardcaptor Sakura.

In the manga, there are only 19 named cards while the anime has 53 (52 from the main series and one from the 2nd Movie, The Sealed Card). The Cards were created by and named after Clow Reed, a half-English, half-Chinese sorcerer. After Clow passed away, the Book of Clow was sealed away with the Book's beast guardian, Cerberus, only to be released when a new "chosen one" appeared. The Cards represent a variety of concepts and natural forces deriving from the combination of Eastern and Western magic. Each of the Cards also has its own personality, ranging from good-natured to passive to aggressive, as well as powers based off of an elemental force of a specific task. When acting on their own, they will usually take the form depicted on the card face. The first 52 cards fall under either the Sun or Moon, corresponding with the Book's two guardians, Cerberus and Yue.

The original 19 cards from the manga were The Light, The Dark, The Watery, The Firey, The Earthy, The Windy, The Fly, The Wood, The Flower, The Shadow, The Erase, The Mirror, The Maze, The Thunder, The Glow, The Sword, The Shield, The Jump, and The Illusion. Most of these cards also gained a different appearance when they were changed in to Sakura Cards (Star Cards in the English dub). Two such are The Sword and The Shield, which gained completely different appearances, while most cards only turn pink and gain a star somewhere.

Clow CardsEdit

The FireyEdit

The Firey and all cards related to it are under Cerberus' jurisdiction.

These Cards are:

The WateryEdit

The Watery and all cards related to it are under Yue's jurisdiction.

These Cards are:

The WindyEdit

The Windy and all cards related to it are under Yue's jurisdiction.

These cards are:

The EarthyEdit

The Earthy and all cards related to it are under Cerberus' jurisdiction.

These cards are:

The LightEdit

The Light and all cards related to it are under Cerberus's jurisdiction.

These cards are:

The DarkEdit

The Dark and all cards related to it are under Yue's jurisdiction.

These cards are:

CCS Sakura Card Back

The Back of a Sakura Card

Sakura CardsEdit

Sakura Cards (known as "Star Cards" in the English dub) are the altered versions of the original Clow Cards after Sakura Kinomoto passes Yue's Final Judgement. When Sakura passed the Final Judgement, she became the true master of all of the Clow Cards, even the ones who chose Syaoran Li as their master. She had to transform the cards into Sakura Cards or else they would lose their magic (in the dub, the cards would go wild again if Sakura didn't transform them). Sakura could turn a Clow Card into a Sakura Card after she used it with her Star Sealing Wand, the changed version of her Sealing Wand. The Sakura Cards are all pink, a star is now inbetween the sun and moon on the back, and sometimes have altered the pictures of the Clow Cards on the front, such as The Return's clock turning into an hourglass. In the manga, the transformed Sakura Cards would also gain a star shaped accessory, such as The Jump having a star on the back of it's head and star earrings. The Hope and The Nameless Card the only cards in the series that were Sakura Cards on capture.

Negative CardsEdit

There is only one Negative Card in the whole entirety of the series, The Nothing. The Negative Card is the opposite and can cancel out all Clow and Sakura Cards. To balance the positive energy made by the Clow Cards, Clow Reed created The Nothing and it has enough negative energy to match the positive energy of all 52 Clow Cards combined. The Nothing is the main antagonist of the 2nd Movie, The Sealed Card, as it steals the Cards one by one since it is lonely.


Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: Sakura and the Sealed Card

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