Chikahito Takamoto
Chikahito Takamoto
高本 致佳人
Series: Gate 7
English Name: None
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: Unknown
Other names: Four-eyes
Relations: Mother
Residence: Kyoto, Japan
Current status: Alive
Powers: Cooking
First Appearance: Gate 7 Manga: Chapter 0
Last appearance: Latest Chapter
English voice actor: None
Japanese voice actor: None
Korean voice actor: None

Chikahito Takamoto (高本 致佳人) is a fictional character that appears in Gate 7, a manga created by the artist group, CLAMP. He has a huge interest in Kyoto culture and a vast knowledge of the Sengoku Period. Not much is known about him and the reason why he, a normal person, is able to enter enclosed area.

Personality Edit

Chikahito is a shy and conserved person. He is timid and physically weak yet has a strong sense to act on what he think is right. For the most part, he likes Kyoto and enjoy living in Kyoto. He even like the Kyoto dialect and smile in joy every time he hears it. He used to work at a cafe shop so he's good at cooking and also loves to cook for others.

His favorite subject in school is history. He has a deep understanding and knowledge of the Sengoku Period and can remember the name of all the important historical figure that was present at that time.

As for his interactions with other people, he is very scared of Tachibana who is always glaring with angry eyes. Chika is quite fond of Hana and likes to cook for her and Sakura. He gets into a lot of silly quarrels with Date Masamune but they don't necessarily hate each other.

Appearance Edit

Chikahito is a young high school student who is currently attending his second year. He has short black hair and eyes that is always seen with his glasses on. He is for the most part, always with Hana because Hana seems to have a deep attachment to him.

Powers Edit

Other than the fact that he can enter enclosed zone, Chika doesn't have any powers.

Story Edit

Chikahito first appear in Chapter 0 where he was visiting Kyoto for the first time. Chika was happy that he'd finally convinced his mom to let him enroll at a school in Kyoto. All the while, when he is touring Kyoto, he stumble upon Sakura, Tachibana, and Hana at the Kitano Tenmanguu shrine. There, he witness his first enclosed zone and the monsters called Oni (Mizuchi). After fainting through the life threatening encounter, he was brought to Urashichiken of Hanamachi. When he awoken, he found himself in the company of the three he saw. Surprised at what has happened, Chika went into a panic. That's when Tachibana step forward to interrogate Chika as to why he's able to enter an enclose zone despite having no power at all. The interrogation was short as they quickly realize that Chika is just a normal person. In order to keep things secret, Sakura decided it was best to erase Chika's memories. But no matter what Tachibana did to Chika, his memories stayed intact. In the confusion, Hana quickly escaped with Chika and gave him a kiss, promising that they would meet again and that she will be waiting for him.

Chika has finally got himself enrolled in a school in Kyoto and is there once more to look for a place to stay. On Chika's second visit, he recalled the events of his first time there and the kiss Hana gave him. Assuming that he will not meet them again, Chika casually enter the soba restaurant that has the nishin soba that he'd always yearn for. To his surprise, the three of them were there, enjoying the nishi soba that he wanted. Before he could even be surprised, Hana casually took his hand and sat him next to everyone. Swept away by Hana's pace, Chika forgot about everything and casually enjoyed the nishin soba that he's been dying to have with the three of them. After they ate, Chika happily talked about how he's going to live in Kyoto and is currently looking for a place to stay. Once again, without warning, Hana took Chika's hand and dragged him to a famous monument where people go to break up or to fall in love. There he once more was entrap by the enclose area that Tachibana made. Chika encounter another Oni, a water lion made of ema called Komainu. After Hana defeated the Oni, she offered Chika a place to stay in Urashichiken. It is revealed that the reason why Chika meet Hana again is because she cast a spell on him when she kissed him. A spell called Modoridori which will lead a person back to the caster. Swept away by everyone's pace once more, Chika accept Hana's offer and made his way to Urashichiken.

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