Blood c
ブラッド シー
Genre: Action, supernatural, horror, mystery, terror
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Demographic: Shōnen
Magazine: Monthly Shōnen Ace
Original run: May 26, 2011-ongoing
Volumes: 1
TV Anime
Director: Tsutomu Mizushima
Writer: Nanase Ohkawa, Junichi Fujisaku
Music: Naoki Satō
Studio: Production I.G
Network: Mainichi Broadcasting System, Tokyo Broadcasting System
Original Run: July 8, 2011 – September 30, 2011
Episodes: 12

Blood-C (ブラッド シー Blood-C) is an anime/manga series produced by Studio Production I.G, directed by Ushiki Yoshitaka, with collaboration from CLAMP. Blood-C is the continuation of the Blood franchise, preceeded by Blood+.


The story revolves around a high school student called Kisaragi Saya. A gentle and kind girl, Saya lives happily with her father, a local shrine keeper, in a remote town. However, as the daughter of the late priestess of the shrine, Saya is expected to succeed her mother as the slayer of "Furukimono", monsters known as the "Elder Ones", to stop them from devouring innocent human beings. To protect the people she cares deeply about, Saya must hunt down these monsters without alerting the townspeople of her secret activities.

Because Saya and her father don't know to cook, they often rely on Fumito-san, the cafe owner, to prepare food for them. In spite of her remarkable skills as a swordswoman, Saya is clumsy and innocent, failing to realize she has affections of some of the boys at school. As she continues to hunt Furukimono, it becomes apparent she knows little about her own past and begins to doubt her memories. Soon, everything she once believed is revealed to be a lie and nothing more than a twisted game in which she and everyone else are nothing but puppets.


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