Akira Ijyuin's Father
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Man of Many Faces
Series: Man of Many Faces
Clamp School Detectives
English Name: None
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Other names: Father (by Akira)

Original 20 Masks

Relations: Akira Ijyuin (Son)
Mother A and Mother B (Wifes)
Utako Ohkawa (daughter-law)
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Current status: Alive
Powers: None
First Appearance: Clamp School Detectives Ep. 12 (Anime)
Man of Many Face Ch.
Last appearance: Clamp School Detectives Ep. 12 (Anime)
Man of Many Face Ch.
English voice actor: Scott Houle
Japanese voice actor: Hideyuki Tanaka
Korean voice actor: None

 Akira Ijyuin's Father is husband of Mother A and Mother B and father of Akira Ijyuin. He is the Original 20 Masks before his son, Akira Ijyuin.



Man of Many FacesEdit

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