Akechi Mitsuhide
明智 光秀
Series: Gate 7
English Name: None
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Other names: None
Relations: Hosokawa Gracia (Daughter)
Residence: Kyoto, Japan
Current status: Alive
Powers: Oni Enka
First Appearance: Gate 7 Manga: Chapter 3
Last appearance: Latest Chapter
English voice actor: None
Japanese voice actor: None
Korean voice actor: None

Akechi Mitsuhide (明智 光秀) is a historical figure that appears in Gate 7, a manga created by the artist group, CLAMP. In this series, Akechi is a chemistry teacher in Chikahito's high school.

Personality Edit

Akechi is, for the most part, uncaring and uninteresting in everything. His use of language and the tone in his voice makes him sound like he is looking down on everyone. He is calm or rather, emotionless and doesn't like sweets. Despite his calm demeanor, he has quite a short temper and likes to toy and sweet talk his Oni into submission.

Appearance Edit

Akechi has white straight hair and grey eyes through his glasses. He is always seen wearing a lab coat with a fire emblem stain from the left side. He's usually seen fixing his glasses and waving his hair with his hand.

Powers Edit

Akechi's Oni is Enka. Enka posses the ability to shoot fire like projectile to attack his enemy. For the most part, Enka's power is fire. Enka looks exactly like Akechi except for the fact that he's a cry baby who likes sweet, the total opposite of Akechi.

Story Edit

Akechi first appear in Chapter 2 right after Hidetsugu Toyotomi utter Oda Nabunaga's oni's name, Dairokuten Maou. He then quickly engage in battle with Hana who at that time did not have Sakura or Tachibana to support her. Just when Hana is about to lose, Date Masamune step in to fight against Akechi. Seeing Masamune with his Kurikara in full power, Akechi decided to make a strategic retreat which ended the fight.

History Edit

Akechi Mitsuhide (明智 光秀) is known for his servitude and betrayal under Oda Nobunaga which ultimately lead Nabunaga to his death. After leading a successful military campaign under Nobunaga, Akechi was one of the first daimyo to receive a castle, thus earning Nobunaga's trust despite Nobunaga nature to distrust everyone.

Eight years later, Nobunaga feign a peace treaty with Hatano Hideharu and had Hideharu executed in order to take over Yakami Castle. Angered, the Hideharu retainers plot a coup and abruptly murder Akechi's mother. After the incident, rumors begin to spread of Nabunaga's back stabbing blight which he blamed Akechi for. Nobunaga and Akechi's relationship deteriorated since then.

Three years later, Oda Nobunaga ordered Akechi to assist Hideyoshi Toyotomi with his fight against the Mori clan. Instead, Akechi assemble an army of 13,000 and march his way towards Nobunaga at Honno-Ji.  His army surrounded the temple and set it ablaze. It is still not clear as to what happened but it was suspected that Oda Nobunaga was killed either during the fighting or committed seppuku. Despite not killing Nobunaga personally, Mitsuhide claimed responsibility for his death.

After the death of Oda Nobunaga, Akechi declared himself Shogun and started to hatch a plan to take over regency of Japan. He plunder the Akechi castle to reward his man in order to maintain their loyalty. He made attempts to please the court and tried to ally himself to other daimyo but to no avail. Desperate, Akechi send a message to Hosokawa Tadaoki, his son-in-law, husband to Gracia Hosokawa, his daughter, for assistance. Tadaoki refuse Akechi's request and instead, send Gracia to Osaka castle for confinement to protect her. With no where to go and no one to help him, Akechi prepare himself for the worst.

After hearing the news of Oda Nabunaga's death, Hideyoshi Toyotomi quickly signed a peace treaty with the Mori clan and immediately made his way back to Sesstu. Not being able to gather enough support, Akechi army now comprise of only 10,000 solders. On the other hand, Hideyoshi was able to gather the support of Oda Nobunaga's retainers and now has an army of 20,000 solders. Hideyoshi march his army towards Shōryūji Castle at the Battle of Yamazaki. It was a swift and overwhelming victory for Hideyoshi.

Facing defeat, Akechi ran from his castle and made his way to the outside world. Thus, Akechi 13 days of Shogun came to an end. Some say that he was killed by a peasant while trying to escape. Others said he'd successfully escaped and started a knew life as a priest name Tenkai. But no one truly knows what happened to him.

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